Another Tuesday Night…

So it’s a Tuesaday night and I sit hear all alone. I can think of many things that I would like to write all day at work, but when the time comes I am drawing a blank. I guess this happends when you do nothing all day and get paid to stand around selling crap to imaginary customers. On the day that I am actually allowed to make commission the store is dead. I did talk to people and I gave them my card but I didn’t ‘close’ anybody. How hard can it be to sell someone a cell phone? I don’t really think that I am the best sales person considering I am not comfortbable selling to someone if I have to pressure them. I see my colluegues do this ALL the time.

One of my customers was a French Canadian girl a total hippy/earthy type I would say in her mid to late 20’s and she had her son with her about 18 months, and you can tell he is the type that must be occupide all of the time otherwise mommy isn’t going to get anything done. I ran to the back to get him a cow bell to play with, but he didn’t like that so mom reaches into her backpack and pulls out a screw driver for him to play with? WTF? No I am not a parent, and I am not one to tell people how to parent your children, but a SCREW DRIVER? You might as well hand him knife while your at it. Cleary this women works with her hands, she had dirt all in her nails and she has enougt\h sense to carry around her tools you would think she would have enough sense to carry a favorite toy of her son’s in her backpack as well. While I was talking to her about rate plans she would let him wander off to the front of the store and out of the store I feel like I was watching him more than her. What if for one second someone grabs him while her head is turned? Then what? I was babysitting a few years ago a toddler and an infant and I took them to a busy park, I litterally turned my head for a second to grab a bottle for the screaming infant and his brother took off in a heartbeat. I have never been so scared in my life. I started to sream his name and someone asked me what he looked like and I found him within 5 minutes, but that nearly gave me a heart attack. Had it been my own child, I would’ve felt 100 times worse. At the time the boy was 3 1/2 and had repeatedly wandered off without telling me, but I would see him and scold him I even gave him a timeout. But the lesson never sank in so I made him sit on our blanket while fed his brother and promptly ended our outting and took him home.

Most of my of our clients with small children have them stroller or have another person close by to help them out. … You can’t expect to buy a cell phone like you would a shirt or something. For those of you that have kids, that may be reading this what do you do when your take your toddlers out and need to go shopping?In other news, my job interview went well yesterday it is a call center position providing HR support to different clients. Pays well and is with a reputable company. Tomorrow I go for the government interview; this is the one I really want. Keep your fingers crossed. I don’t really much more to blog at the moment. I don’t’ have much to do tonight. The boyfriend is at work and I already watched American Idol so I don’t’ have much else to do. I may try to curl my hair with a new curling iron I bought last time I tried it was a disaster so I am not holding my breath. I still haven’t really met any friends here yet. The girls I work with are a fait bit younger than me, and their main priority seems to be going to the bar and that’s all they seem to live for. I am past that and want to find some people that have common interests as me. So far the gym has been my best friend. And maybe this blog will soon be too.


Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence?

So we are back now from our weekend getaway drag my boyfriend’s ass around Seattle while I shop till he drops for my birthday weekend. It wasn’t that painful for him (but I am sure if you ask him he will say different) … I mean we only went to 2 stores downtown, one shopping mall, and one mall on the way home which we were on for less than 20 minutes where I managed to drop $120 of my own money. That deserves some kinda medal.

This year instead of the doing the whole celebrating with family and friends for the milestone birthday (25 is I am certain if it wasn’t it sure is now) I decided to take a quiet weekend away with my boyfriend just the 2 of us. At first I wanted to go up Island then I changed my mind because shopping in Seattle is much more fun and the weather hasn’t been very spring like that we sometimes get here on the west coast. Last year my birthday sure wasn’t what I had planned. It wasn’t bad just my friends didn’t seem so enthusiastic to do what I wanted. All I did was pick and inexpensive local joint to have dinner at that serves good steak and good beer and to go to a club downtown that is a favorite of my friends and I. I would think that this is pretty typical for a 24-years-old birthday celebration. But only some people came to dinner, some didn’t order anything and some came to the club but not dinner because the drive was too far etc. etc. So this year tookt he quiet route only to find out that one of my friends out at some of my favorite spots on Friday night and went to not one, BUT TWO of my favorite hometown bars. One is a sports bar for locals, then there is Roosters my all time favorite bar. I don’t go there any more but I sure used to back in the day when I was 19 and 20. (The legal drinking age in BC is 19) One friend and I lived there 3 nights a week Wednesdays for Bullriding, Thursdays for the $1.50 pints (sadly this isn’t the case nowadays) and Sundays for beach night and of course to see Aaron Pritchett.

It has been a long time since I have been there but I used to love it there! I didn’t go to get drunk or even drink but the dance the night away with my Roosters girl Kit Kat. I give Roosters credit for even getting me into country music. I used to go there when I was underage because it was notorious for letting people in that paid off the bouncers and I knew some older guys that wouldn’t think twice about pay $20-$50 to a bouncer to get in past the line up. Roosters isn’t the same as it used to be, I don’t get excited anymore and I can’t remember my last time there but I had many good times there and now it serves as a good place to go for a girls night out. I can remember Kit Kat and I speeding down Loughheed Highway after work in my ’88 Civic trying to get there before the line up started. The summer that we turned 19 was one of the fun nest summers I can remember. After that summer, Roosters turned into more of a Wednesday night thing. I rarely missed a Wednesday and the one Wednesday that I did in February of ’03 was one night that Toby Keith showed up, not as the evenings entertainment but as a patron. I was so mad at myself. I coulda been there but I chose to spend a few extra days at my sister’s place helping her new baby.

When I look back, I am glad that I did. There is nothing that can beat the smell of a new born, or having a new baby sleep on your chest when you doze in the rocking chair, or playing with your other neices and nephews. The older I get, the more I value my time with them as they grow so fast. I don’t get to see them that often as the have always lived a minimum of a 6 hour drive away and now my sister and her husband have moved 2 hours closer to Vancouver it isn’t any closer because I have to add in a 95 minute ferry ride into drive.

I have gotten waaay off topic… so I ask is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence because this year I had a quiet birthday when last year I woulda proffered one to all the havoc that was caused by my planning (another post ) and this year my friend was partying it up at all my favorite bars? This weekend was exactly as I wanted, I just realize how much I miss my family and friends. I don’t have the luxury of having weekends off like normal people so I have my boyfriend to look forward too and that’s about it knowing that I am coming home to him after work. I don’t know when I will get to see them again. My life revolves around my work schedule, which I am looking to remedy soon; I have 2 job interviews this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me, becuase they are normal Monday to Friday jobs and pay a helluva a lot more and aren’t sales based. I hate the idea of relying on commission to make a living. Especially when it pays peanuts, and I am not allowed to earn any my 1st couple of weeks because I am “new” and do not know how to sell. Give me a break! I worked in the Customer Service department for only 3 years fixing the problems that the dealers promised and didn’t deliver; I know the products inside and out.

I certainly do know how to get off topic. Back to me Seattle weekend. I noticed this in the hotel parking garage of our hotel:


can we saw space hog?

If you can see the pictures of the cars, kudos to me, if you can’t I have work to do. In these two pictures notice the big ass Buick, he left about 2-3 feet on the left side of him so virtually no one would attempt to park on his right, BUT a tiny little Honday managed to get in there. Clearly the Honda didn’t have a passenger seeing how close to the wall he is. This was where my boyfriend and I were parked until the big ass Buick decided that make it so that no one would dare park next to him, except the tiny little Honda that can’t be much wider than a smart car. This is a little pet peave of mine. Notice the Alberta plates one the little Honda? Thats Canadians for you Eh!

The Eve of being a 1/4 Century old

I know that I have been a delinquent blogger, bad me, bad (as I slap my hand) in 20 minutes I will be 25 years old. I figured I should really post on such a monumental occasion. This will only happen once in my life time. I am truely my grandmother’s grand daugther. She used to hate revealing her age, and the older I get this is how I feel. I am going to be 24 year old for the next few years. Can’t rightly say how many years that will be, it really depends on how many fine lines I get in the next few years. At 24, I noticed them. I don’t know if this is natural pour moi, or if it has to do with the fact that I faked and baked for the last 2 years… I am reconsidering if I will continue to do this, this year. Last year I really tried to to tan my face as the rest of me was dark with my pale face, needless to say it looked a little funny and I want to try to perserve my youth as long as possible. So I may forego it this year.

My goals for 25 are to get a better job, (I took what I could get to move to be closer to my man) and to lose that nagging extra 10 lbs I managed to lose 3 years ago. As I sit here in my Seattle hotel room, I am ponderng what being 25 means, or to be 24 seeing on how you look at it. I have 2 interviews lined up for next week, and one is for the federal government job. So far 25 looks to be  off to a good start. I should go to bed and get my beauty sleep seeing as tomorrow will be a long day as I drag my boyfriend from store to store trying to find the best deals. This year he isn’t getting me anything but letting me drag his ass around on a mini shopping spree. Oh how I love him! For so many reasons!

ANTM vs. Ameican Idol

After a much anticipated hour of watching TV I ended up flicking between ANTM and American Idol.  I would’ve preferred to have watched Idol uninterrupted, but there is just something about ANTM that is addicting. I am blaming my old roommate for getting me into ANTM.

First I would like to critique ANTM. Frankly, I am surprised that Samantha was voted off tonight. I wanted to see her at least make it to the makeover show, as beautiful as she is I was hoping to see something done about those eyebrows. Clearly, Natasha just doesn’t get it, if tuned into tonight’s show you know what I am saying.  Don’t’ get me going on Renee! This girl drives me nuts. All she kept doing was crying about how she was given the “class clown” and how this wasn’t her. Your a freakin’ model honey and your going to be asked to do things the you are not comfortable doing, if you can’t handle that then you shouldn’t be on the show! Spare me the crocodile tears about how she wasn’t given “The bad girl” or “the girl with the reputation.” Get over it!

As for Idol, the girls defiantly are way better than they guys this year! I haven’t really bothered watching the guys so far.  

Jordin: Hats off to her for going first but she just isn’t catchy and I am not feeling her

Antonella: Surprised she has made it this far I hope America is smart and votes her off

Haley: Didn’t really make an impression

Sabrina: She was okay but that’s about it

Lakisha: Sent shivers down my spine as per usual she did Whitney Houston about as well as you could expect Whitney to so herself I see her going top 3. This early in the competition I see it being between her, Melinda and Stephanie.

Melinda: I didn’t really catch much pf her performance but from what I did catch it was brilliant.

Stephanie: Again I didn’t catch much of her, but she was great from what I did see.

Gina: Was pretty good for rockin out but I didn’t get the shivers.

Wednesday is not the highlight of my TV week. Thursdays has always been a great night, which started off with Friend’s followed by The O.C. which turned out to be a disappointment, and then Greys Anatomy came along. I look forward to Thursdays with a passion! Unfortunately as Grey’s is on hiatus for another week, I will have to be content with the other mundane crap on TV until next week. It is really the only show that I care about. God help me when the summer rolls around and I will not have Thursdays to look forward to.  Right now the “Who wants to be a Pussy Cat Doll” or whatever it is called is on for background noise what a sorry excuse for a show. Hopefully my channel flicking will land me on some half decent show.  

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I would like to introduce myself by my pseudo name Maggie. Lets face it people this the new millennium and you can find out anything about anyone if you Google your own name or ex’s if you have stalkerish tendencies. I do not think that anyone would personally want to stalk me, but you never know.

With that outta the way I will tell you a little but about me. I personally do not think that I am that interesting seeing that I am not married nor a SAHM, I don’t have all that much to blog about. I am soon to be engaged and eventually will have a husband and children to blog about. If I still have your attention then this great, I truly am able to capture an audience.  

I was inspired to start my own blog as I just moved to new city to be with my boyfriend and I know virtually no one here. I have moved in with him and I have been here 72 hours and I am already bored and I feel married. Thankfully I am only a few hours from my hometown so I am not completely outta touch with my family and friend’s and weekend visits are possible and inexpensive. I am starting new job next week, me being smart decided that I needed a week in between moving and starting work. I am absolutely bored to tears.

Today my day consisted of driving the boyfriend to work so that I could use his car for the day, coming home and going back to sleep, going to write an assessment for a government job (those bastard’s make you jump through hoops, but once your in, your in) driving around to look at appliances, realizing I forgot my hoody at the testing sight luckily getting it back and coming home to eat lunch, talk on phone and read blogs contemplating starting my own. Here I am now. After lunch I went to the local walk-in clinic to get a list of doctor’s that are accepting patients. Really people how are you suppose to pick a doctor from a list???

I would prefer a female doctor after having the same one for 22 years of my 25 years. But after getting a new female doctor 2 years ago after finding the only one in my town accepting patients which was clear on the other side of town, I hardly ever saw her due her cold wham-bam-thank-you mam bedside manner, I would go to the local walk-in clinic to see the good looking older English doctor so really after seeing him and being purrfectly please with him, a male doctor wouldn’t be so bad. Now how to choose? It is not as though I have anyone to ask or anything. Most are only taking pre and post-natal patients so my options are limited. (Since I do not fall into this category, I need not apply) Did I mention the fact that I tend to ramble? And will loose my train of thought easily? Well now you know.

ack to what I did today… after getting my list of doctors on a piece of paper I decided to drive out to Wal-Mart to get some needed household items I took a few wrong turns here and there ( I did used to live here 4 years before for 8 months but forgot the most direct route to get from A-B) and I poked around Costco and drooled over the digi cams (sadly I do not own one, but intend to soon) and engagement rings (yes Costco sells engagement rings believe it or not! At least here in Canada they do) I didn’t buy anything went to Wal-Mart got what I needed and mossied on home to eat leftovers by myself as the boyfriend works until tomorrow he is in the military so this is a common occurrence that I get to deal with. If I still have your attention then I will probably bitch about his job more than once. Stick around I have many things to talk about I promise it will get interesting. -M

Hello world!

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