ANTM vs. Ameican Idol

After a much anticipated hour of watching TV I ended up flicking between ANTM and American Idol.  I would’ve preferred to have watched Idol uninterrupted, but there is just something about ANTM that is addicting. I am blaming my old roommate for getting me into ANTM.

First I would like to critique ANTM. Frankly, I am surprised that Samantha was voted off tonight. I wanted to see her at least make it to the makeover show, as beautiful as she is I was hoping to see something done about those eyebrows. Clearly, Natasha just doesn’t get it, if tuned into tonight’s show you know what I am saying.  Don’t’ get me going on Renee! This girl drives me nuts. All she kept doing was crying about how she was given the “class clown” and how this wasn’t her. Your a freakin’ model honey and your going to be asked to do things the you are not comfortable doing, if you can’t handle that then you shouldn’t be on the show! Spare me the crocodile tears about how she wasn’t given “The bad girl” or “the girl with the reputation.” Get over it!

As for Idol, the girls defiantly are way better than they guys this year! I haven’t really bothered watching the guys so far.  

Jordin: Hats off to her for going first but she just isn’t catchy and I am not feeling her

Antonella: Surprised she has made it this far I hope America is smart and votes her off

Haley: Didn’t really make an impression

Sabrina: She was okay but that’s about it

Lakisha: Sent shivers down my spine as per usual she did Whitney Houston about as well as you could expect Whitney to so herself I see her going top 3. This early in the competition I see it being between her, Melinda and Stephanie.

Melinda: I didn’t really catch much pf her performance but from what I did catch it was brilliant.

Stephanie: Again I didn’t catch much of her, but she was great from what I did see.

Gina: Was pretty good for rockin out but I didn’t get the shivers.

Wednesday is not the highlight of my TV week. Thursdays has always been a great night, which started off with Friend’s followed by The O.C. which turned out to be a disappointment, and then Greys Anatomy came along. I look forward to Thursdays with a passion! Unfortunately as Grey’s is on hiatus for another week, I will have to be content with the other mundane crap on TV until next week. It is really the only show that I care about. God help me when the summer rolls around and I will not have Thursdays to look forward to.  Right now the “Who wants to be a Pussy Cat Doll” or whatever it is called is on for background noise what a sorry excuse for a show. Hopefully my channel flicking will land me on some half decent show.  


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