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I would like to introduce myself by my pseudo name Maggie. Lets face it people this the new millennium and you can find out anything about anyone if you Google your own name or ex’s if you have stalkerish tendencies. I do not think that anyone would personally want to stalk me, but you never know.

With that outta the way I will tell you a little but about me. I personally do not think that I am that interesting seeing that I am not married nor a SAHM, I don’t have all that much to blog about. I am soon to be engaged and eventually will have a husband and children to blog about. If I still have your attention then this great, I truly am able to capture an audience.  

I was inspired to start my own blog as I just moved to new city to be with my boyfriend and I know virtually no one here. I have moved in with him and I have been here 72 hours and I am already bored and I feel married. Thankfully I am only a few hours from my hometown so I am not completely outta touch with my family and friend’s and weekend visits are possible and inexpensive. I am starting new job next week, me being smart decided that I needed a week in between moving and starting work. I am absolutely bored to tears.

Today my day consisted of driving the boyfriend to work so that I could use his car for the day, coming home and going back to sleep, going to write an assessment for a government job (those bastard’s make you jump through hoops, but once your in, your in) driving around to look at appliances, realizing I forgot my hoody at the testing sight luckily getting it back and coming home to eat lunch, talk on phone and read blogs contemplating starting my own. Here I am now. After lunch I went to the local walk-in clinic to get a list of doctor’s that are accepting patients. Really people how are you suppose to pick a doctor from a list???

I would prefer a female doctor after having the same one for 22 years of my 25 years. But after getting a new female doctor 2 years ago after finding the only one in my town accepting patients which was clear on the other side of town, I hardly ever saw her due her cold wham-bam-thank-you mam bedside manner, I would go to the local walk-in clinic to see the good looking older English doctor so really after seeing him and being purrfectly please with him, a male doctor wouldn’t be so bad. Now how to choose? It is not as though I have anyone to ask or anything. Most are only taking pre and post-natal patients so my options are limited. (Since I do not fall into this category, I need not apply) Did I mention the fact that I tend to ramble? And will loose my train of thought easily? Well now you know.

ack to what I did today… after getting my list of doctors on a piece of paper I decided to drive out to Wal-Mart to get some needed household items I took a few wrong turns here and there ( I did used to live here 4 years before for 8 months but forgot the most direct route to get from A-B) and I poked around Costco and drooled over the digi cams (sadly I do not own one, but intend to soon) and engagement rings (yes Costco sells engagement rings believe it or not! At least here in Canada they do) I didn’t buy anything went to Wal-Mart got what I needed and mossied on home to eat leftovers by myself as the boyfriend works until tomorrow he is in the military so this is a common occurrence that I get to deal with. If I still have your attention then I will probably bitch about his job more than once. Stick around I have many things to talk about I promise it will get interesting. -M


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