Another Tuesday Night…

So it’s a Tuesaday night and I sit hear all alone. I can think of many things that I would like to write all day at work, but when the time comes I am drawing a blank. I guess this happends when you do nothing all day and get paid to stand around selling crap to imaginary customers. On the day that I am actually allowed to make commission the store is dead. I did talk to people and I gave them my card but I didn’t ‘close’ anybody. How hard can it be to sell someone a cell phone? I don’t really think that I am the best sales person considering I am not comfortbable selling to someone if I have to pressure them. I see my colluegues do this ALL the time.

One of my customers was a French Canadian girl a total hippy/earthy type I would say in her mid to late 20’s and she had her son with her about 18 months, and you can tell he is the type that must be occupide all of the time otherwise mommy isn’t going to get anything done. I ran to the back to get him a cow bell to play with, but he didn’t like that so mom reaches into her backpack and pulls out a screw driver for him to play with? WTF? No I am not a parent, and I am not one to tell people how to parent your children, but a SCREW DRIVER? You might as well hand him knife while your at it. Cleary this women works with her hands, she had dirt all in her nails and she has enougt\h sense to carry around her tools you would think she would have enough sense to carry a favorite toy of her son’s in her backpack as well. While I was talking to her about rate plans she would let him wander off to the front of the store and out of the store I feel like I was watching him more than her. What if for one second someone grabs him while her head is turned? Then what? I was babysitting a few years ago a toddler and an infant and I took them to a busy park, I litterally turned my head for a second to grab a bottle for the screaming infant and his brother took off in a heartbeat. I have never been so scared in my life. I started to sream his name and someone asked me what he looked like and I found him within 5 minutes, but that nearly gave me a heart attack. Had it been my own child, I would’ve felt 100 times worse. At the time the boy was 3 1/2 and had repeatedly wandered off without telling me, but I would see him and scold him I even gave him a timeout. But the lesson never sank in so I made him sit on our blanket while fed his brother and promptly ended our outting and took him home.

Most of my of our clients with small children have them stroller or have another person close by to help them out. … You can’t expect to buy a cell phone like you would a shirt or something. For those of you that have kids, that may be reading this what do you do when your take your toddlers out and need to go shopping?In other news, my job interview went well yesterday it is a call center position providing HR support to different clients. Pays well and is with a reputable company. Tomorrow I go for the government interview; this is the one I really want. Keep your fingers crossed. I don’t really much more to blog at the moment. I don’t’ have much to do tonight. The boyfriend is at work and I already watched American Idol so I don’t’ have much else to do. I may try to curl my hair with a new curling iron I bought last time I tried it was a disaster so I am not holding my breath. I still haven’t really met any friends here yet. The girls I work with are a fait bit younger than me, and their main priority seems to be going to the bar and that’s all they seem to live for. I am past that and want to find some people that have common interests as me. So far the gym has been my best friend. And maybe this blog will soon be too.


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