Pet Peeves

Lately it seems that a lot of things are annoying the crap outta me. When I drive I love to listen to music, I hate commercials and I am constantly changing radio stations. Living where I do, I get radio stations from 3 different cities which is great! Although the
Seattle stations are slightly staticy at times, I can handle it. I get 3 different country stations I am in heaven! But on the downside so many top 40 songs are so OVERPLAYED! There is one Seattle station in particular that I like that it seems every time I flip to that station it is playing Akon’s I Wanna Love You, I freakin hate this song!!! Last week in one day in an 8 hour period EVERY TIME I FLIPPED TO THIS STATION IT WAS ON! And this was 3 times, it was as if the DJ new I would be going on my break getting into the car and flipping to this station and he wanted to drive me nuts.  And what’s worse than this is when I’m flipping stations and the same song is on multiple stations. This worse! This is one of my biggest pet peeves at the moment.

You may wonder why I don’t just listen to my Ipod, it is out of sheer laziness and my forgetting to charge it until I get to the gym and realize that I have no tunes to get me through my cardio.

My next pet peeve is slow drivers! I live in a city that has the lowest insurance coverage in province due the aging population. There are more retiree’s here than anywhere else I swear to god!  They drive so SLOW with their left blinker on in the left hand lane of the

Pay Bat Hwy going 10 km under the posted limit and you end up passing them on the right all the time. This is bad. And the posted limit is 80km/hour (50 MPH)! Which is a joke itself on a divided highway… The old people must have designated this speed limit to drive me and everyone else in this town under th age of 65 nuts!


Idol anyone?

So I am currently watching American Idol and Sanjaya is a freaking joke. He obviously knows it. It is sad that he is still around the point of Idol is for really talented people to showcase their talent and websites like are making a mockery of people that take the show serious. From what I have seen so far tonight,  I am was very impressed with Jordin’s performance and I was actually moved, I agree with Simon in that “For the first time in the competition she has given a performance that could make her the next American Idol For once Lakisha didn’t give her best performance but I was still moved. Cleary country is not her forte, but I hope she is kept around for another week.

I read on a cover of a magazine at the grocery store that if you wanna lose weight that you can ‘blog’ it off; as good as an idea as this seems I am hesitant to do this as it is a personal thing and what I consider an accomplishment may not perceived that way be someone else. Maybe I should write down everything that I eat and post it so that I may be accountable to my readers (if I even have any) one friend of mine when she was trying to lose weight would write down every thing she ate and if she didn’t feel like writing it down, she wouldn’t eat it. When I got on the scale this morning and seeing that I gained 4 lbs from last week, needless to say I wasn’t impressed, I am not sure if this is a result of is my scale being off or the crap that I have been eating. I did have a crap load of nachos on Saturday night loaded with cheese I don’t even guess how many calories or grams of fat I ingested so I won’t. But it is probably the crap I have been eating I will post what I ate today and see how it goes…


-strawberry soy smoothie

-oatmeal breakfast bar


-fat free yogurt cup

-granola bar

-half a pita and low fat tzatziki dip)



-salad (only veggies and low fat/low cal dressing)

-half a turkey sandwich

-half a pita and more low fat tzatziki dip)

-1 can of Fresca


-1 orange

-1 apple

-fat free yogurt cup


-1 pork chop slathered in cream of mushroom soup (I know how bad it is but it was soo good and I ate healthy the rest of the day)

-1 cup of corn


-1 bowel of fresh strawberries

Throw in a glass of orange juice here or there… Typing all this out is a pain in the arse… we will see how long I keep this up for. If I can be strong I will cut out the fats for the most part and limit my carb intake and hit the gym at least 3 X per week… this is how I managed to lose 20 lbs 3 years ago unfortunately I gained most of it back and  have 10 lbs to go…

Back to Idol, Melinda was great as per usual and if I didn’t mention them then they didn’t make a very big impression on me.

I’m tired…

I feel as though I haven’t accomplished a lot this weekend… but I have. I am not in the mood to write a post but if I am going to commit to this blog I must write 2-3 times per week according to my rules… This weekend my boyfriend is out at sea so I have the place to myself. Normally I would head home for the weekend, but seeing as the last 4 weekends I have either been back home or away with my boyfriend I decided to stay home (my new home) for the weekend. I have been busy running around all week trying to accumulate as much baby clothes that I can for my sister. Baby Shayla is due on May 12, and my sister is in the hospital and can’t do any of this for herself. So far I have gotten: (approximately)

– 10-12 Onesies
– 10-13 Sleepers
– 1 t-shirt
– 1 pair of jeans
– 6 receiving blankets
– 1 blanket
– 2-3 outfits
– 3 jumpers
– 2 pacifers
– 1 jean dress

I am sure there is more, but I have lost count. I have managed to cram it all into a suitcase for the next time I am over there or when she calls me to tell me that she is in labor which ever comes 1st. I am worried that when she does call me to tell me that she is in labor that I won’t make it on time seeing as I have to catch a ferry that has a 95 minute crossing time and that the last one leaves at 9pm and doesn’t start running until 7am the next morning, that I will miss it all. This is her second baby so it could go quick… I just hope she goes into labor when I am not at work and not between 9pm-7am.

One of my friend’s Faisa, came over yesterday for the night and we had great night of nacho’s with home made guacamole and salsa and chocolate mint martini’s. (My own invention which are quite yummy if you like chocolate mint ice cream.)

I wish I was at pub right about now with my nearest and dearest drinking buddies. The Canucks just won 2-1 over Dallas in the 1st OT. There is nothing like playoffs when your home team is in. I am not a self proclaimed Canucks fan, and I am quite surprised that they won, because year after year they keep disappointing me and any other half hearted fan or Vancouverite that gives a damn about hockey. I am kicking myself for not going to home this weekend it is prime drinking time. Well if they manage to stick around for a round or two maybe I will make it back home to watch game at one of my local watering holes.

This week and next week my boyfriend is out at sea so I am left to my own devices when to amuse myself. Yesterday I decided to take the day off work from my soon-to-be former employer as a scary situation had arisen when I ended up closing the store by myself and was left alone with an ex-con ( I knew this as he told me and his ID was his federal issued Canada Corrections card) living in a half-way house. I was closing with a female co-worker who is a complete selfish b****! I have been there one month and shouldn’t be left by myself to close (not that I can’t handle it.) But she is a testy girl and just up and left me, with my male customer a scary fellow to do his activation and close up. I have no idea what he was in for, but I couldn’t help but wonder and when I was left alone with him my I began imagining all these creepy scenarios and what kind of headlines I could make… I did make small chat with him and I didn’t act like I was nervous I was so relieved when he got left the store with his new cell phone in tow. So this is why I decided to not go in.  

So yesterday I went to a bunch of different thrift stores to buy baby clothes because my sister is having a baby in a month and we found out that she is having a girl! I am so thrilled, not that a boy wouldn’t be a blessing but I just love girls and so does she. This is what happened when I left one thrift store:


Opps 2!

So this is what happens when I am left to my on devices at amusing myself! I was backing up ever so slowly and  then I hear clunk, and I am thinkinhg S***! What have I just done and and try to pull forward, and of course the back tires spin out seeing as they are hanging on an overhang… Thankfully some nice man and his pick up came along and helped me he had a winch and everything and pulled me out. It saved me from having to use Roadside Assistance and remined the importance of having BCAA or CAA or AAA, which I am goingto be getting as soon as the Roadside Assistance runs out on my boyrfriends car.

After this little incident I continued on my shopping expedition and when I was at Winners I realized why they sell discounted stuff at clearance prices, after seeing this baby sleeper with flowers that look like they belong on a curtain from the 70’s I would never put my daughter in this and pity the kid that does get put in this:

Ugly Baby Sleeper

I don’t think my 1.3 MP camera phone does this sleeper justice in just how old school this sleeper actually is but you get the idea.

I am sitting hear literally trying to keep my eyes open. I took a sleeping pill, and I can feel it start to kick in. Ever since I moved in I have had trouble sleeping in my boyfriend’s rock hard bed that he inherited from his parents. I went out last year and found a great buy at a Brick clearance center and got a really good Sealy or Serta Beauty Sleep (not Beauty Rest) I can quite remember that I was spoiled by it. I haven’t brought my bigger items over yet; something I intend to rectify this weekend. I never did have this problem when I lived with him before, but the again I wasn’t spoiled by my lovely pill top no flip mattress. My boyfriend is working tonight so a girlfriend and I went to the gym, I was tired before I went, but afterwards I felt so energized, I forgot how good it feels after having a good work out. Tomorrow we may try again, if anything is open on the
Holiday. … If not we will try our sorry attempt a jogging. Neither one of us are joggers, so it is the attempt that counts. After I got home I promptly made myself a caesar salad with croutons and parmesan cheese, not the best thing considering that 2 TBSP has 17 grams of fat! But it was SO good. I must figure out a way to make a lower fat dressing (Mine was store bought) maybe with low fat sour cream as opposed to olive oil. Anyone got any ideas? I would love to hear them. I think my bed beckons me, seeing as I can hardly type. …Side note: Canucks lost tonight, surprise but at least they are for sure in the playoffs this year, the 1st time in who knows how long??? I am not a Canucks fan, because their like an ex-boyfriend you keep taking them back and they keep disappointing you.

Domesitication at its finest

Tonight I decided to try my hand at being domesticated. I work 40 hours or so a week so housework isn’t the highest on my list of priorities. We have a dishwasher, so the dishes pretty much do themselves. I did tonight manage to do laundry, the dishes (larger items) and vacuum. It kind of went like this: soak baking sheet, wash larger items while talking on the phone, pull out vacuum and try to figure out where the hell the power button is. It hasn’t been THAT long since I vacuumed, I just haven’t done so since I moved and I don’t know my boyfriend’s vacuum, at all! It is navy blue and black, and everything kinda blends together. After staring at the thing for 5 minutes I figured I would move on to something else and come back to it. After putting on a load of a laundry, I had another look at the vacuum and found the on button. (It is an upright vacuum and was under the tower part in the back by the base.) You’re probably wondering why took me month to do the vacuuming a) part laziness; and b) it was something that needed to be done before I moved in and I wasn’t about to do any cleaning that hadn’t been done prior to me moving in, because I didn’t make the mess. I got my boyfriend to clean the bathroom, but not the vacuuming. I can see why women turn into nags. After asking 2-3 times over the month I got fed up and did it myself, it only took 10 minutes. (Our condo is only about 700 square feet.) On a side note, my boyfriend did home in when I was about done so I had him finish up and he couldn’t find the on button either.
Right now I am half watching a show on TLC called Untold Stories of the ER; currently there is a guy with a commercial meat grinder stuck to his hand, and infant with brown blood something with the hemoglobin not being able to oxygenate his blood so he is blue, and a psych patient that thinks he is a preacher… the interesting thing is the baby because his mother was in for gall bladder surgery and was sitting in the waiting room with his grandparents and a nurse walked by to admire him and noticed he was turning blue and promptly took him to the ER. It is interesting but I prefer the ER shows where everything is live and not dramatized. There used to be a show on a few years back Maternity Ward and it is no longer on. Or they have moved it to Discovery Health and that is a specialty channel. I used to love watching that show, at one point it was narrated by Kelly Ripa. I am going to go watch Grey’s now.

Another random post (or not)

I find that lately I have become somewhat addicted to blogging. I am actually thinking in blog, and what to blog about. Does this ever stop? I wonder if I will be diligent and keep this up or if it is just another novelty that will soon wear off. Only time will tell. When I was 16 I started a diary, I diligently wrote in it every day in January 1999, filling out everything that I did that day, then it became every other day, week, then month then months. I never did fill it up and I have no idea where this diary is today. I hope that this blog doesn’t end up like this diary.

Today was an interesting day that consisted of me arguing with my father, getting my eyebrows and upper lip waxed and spending an hour in the car with my dad while he drove me to the ferry. I seriously considered taking public transit and doubling my travel time to avoid this, as I would prefer peaceful bus ride and my book to my dad. I love my father, but there is nobody out there quite like him (except maybe me seeing as I have half of his genetic make up) if you have met him you can attest to this. He is like a grown child and half the time I feel that I am the parent and he is the child.

He raised me as a single parent from the time I was 6 and he did the best he could, and is the kindest most loving person on the world but he also drives me up the wall most of time. He never did remarry or get a proper girlfriend, and I thought I was to blame for this as I wasn’t an easy child in my eyes (plus I had wrapped around my finger since birth) but it is just him and his eccentric personality. If a woman takes the slightest interest in him, he latches on like a leech. I have tried to give him advice (the same advice that his friends give him) but he never listens and wonders why he ends up heart broken.

My dads latest interest is a 20-something nomadic hippie. He is 50 for crying out loud! He met her while traveling in the interior a few years back and has kept in touch with via email. I have met her; she stayed with him in February on her way back from Asia for one night. My first thought she is nice, but a flake. Can’t stay in one place too long, is estranged from both her parents … I think she sees him as a father figure. He doesn’t know her real age he figures she is a few years older than me. Turns out I worked with her a few years back at a call center but I don’t remember her and she doesn’t remember me (There were at least 500-700 people in the place and it was more of a sweatshop.) I am all for him finding a girlfriend even if she is half is age, but someone who will love him and not break his heart and is not looking for a father figure. My dad is passive and easily taken advantage of. This isn’t why we argued, it was over the fact that he wanted me to give him gas $ so he could drive me to the ferry and I would rather take the bus (It is a lot cheaper). I also was upset over the fact that he hasn’t gotten me anything for my 25th birthday and I will get my present later when he can afford it. My dad isn’t very good with $ and lives paycheck to paycheck like most normal people, including myself. My beef is that I spent a lot of my own $ last year to throw him a party for his 50th birthday and my friends and I prepared all the food ourselves. I organized, planned and sent out invitations and ensured that I had enough $ set aside for this milestone event in his life so that he would know that he was loved and alone. As he often feels lonely as he doesn’t have a significant other in his life. What do I get from him? A card, a phone call and excuses as to why he couldn’t afford to get me anything? I love him, but I am thinking if I was able to save and set aside $ for him and prioritize my needs why couldn’t he do the same for me? His excuse: I moved out so he is tight for $. (Me living at home helped him, I wasn’t some 20-something mooch living rent free off of her parent(s). I have paid rent since I was 19, even when I was attending college fulltime working at a thankless minimum wage job. He said he would never charge me rent if I was in school, but we I can leave that for another post.)

I guess this is more a rant on my dad, he doesn’t read this nor does he know of its existence so he will never come across this and I should stop. It is just putting me in a sour mood. I have valid reasons as to why I have a love/hate relationship with my father but will save that. I am going to be positive and be happy that I have a boyfriend that loves me and an impending job that I am almost certain I will love compared to my current job. If you haven’t figured out by now that I am a pessimist you now know. : ) I am a glass half empty kinda girl; but I try to have an optimistic outlook on life. Thus far it hasn’t gotten me very far.

I am who I am

I still haven’t completely figured out my way around wordpress. I am trying to post my avatar picture in the sidebar, which I had thought that I had successfully uploaded and added a personal quote but so far neither have found there way on my blog. If anyone has any tips, please let me know. By nature I am a lazy person and I haven’t dedicated much time to this site other than blogging of course. When my boyfriend gave me my digital camera on Saturday, (which I love, love, love!) he told me that the warranty included a half an hour instructional course on to use camera, my first thought being it is a camera, you point and shoot how hard can it be? Well, after using it for the last 2 days, I think that I will take this course because clearly, I am not the electronic genius that I thought myself to be.

I have just woken up and I am still quite groggy. Even though it is Monday, this is really my Sunday as I worked Saturday. I passed out around 2am after watching Grey’s Anatomy on DVD. This one of my favorite things to do is fall asleep watching Grey’s. I really do love this show. It is absolutely brilliant. If I ever, met Shonda Rhymes I will buy her a drink, or lunch or both. Hats off to her for her brilliancy. I hope that the spin off show is half as good as Grey’s. I think when ABC decided to take that route that choosing Kate Walsh was a good idea. I know a lot of the cast is bitching about why it wasn’t me and blah blah, blah. I mean common, the 5 main characters are interns do you really think ABC would a spin off show on you when your primary role is to grow and learn? No. One thing that bugs me is all the drama that has followed cast members (notice how Katherine Heigl is at the bottom of the list) of Grey’s Anatomy over the course of this season. But I guess that can’t be helped if you are a part the hottest television show on TV.

I think that Sandra Oh doesn’t get nearly enough attention as other cast members. She is a brilliant actress, and I not saying this just because she is Canadian. If you want to see a funny movie where she has a supporting role and beats the crap out of her lover, you should see Sideways. This is a great satire film and I always LMAO when I watch it. If you haven’t seen it you should. Some may find it a little slow, but that’s the beauty of it. It won an Oscar in 2005 for Best Adapted Screen play and was nominated 3 or 4 more.

I have just managed to lose a whole paragraph. I am not still quite awake so I think I will start my day and continue my random thoughts another time.  

April Fools, Whose the Fool?

So what does a 20-something girl do when she goes home  for the weekend? She tries to cram as much time as she can with her crazy friends in a 24 hour period, and manages to go to a yacht party.

This weekend, or more like 24 hours have been fun filled and action packed with me trying to see as much as my friends as possible. Last night, my friend T and I and went on a harbour cruise of Vancouver for one of her friend’s friend birthday party. So therefore to me it was a friend of a friend’s friend b-day party. The birthday girls name was Amanda, I never did meet the birthday girl… I am not even sure if she existed or was a allowed on the boat for being to inebriated …

There was drinking last night, but not so much that I had a hangover. What does one do on a  yacht party aside drink? Mingle, stand in line for the bathrooms, (complete with a shower; I am raising my eyes to this one) drink, take unsucessful pictures of the city from  a top a windy boat, (I got my new camera and went snap happy) dance for a very short period of time, and for the brave; hit the hot tub. Now you would think that this would the recipe for a naughty night if you will, but the majority of these people were accountants and quite tame for west coasters. After the boat docked, I was successfully able to navigate my way around downtown Vancouver at 2am with my good friend T in search of the best pizza Granville Street has to offer. (In heals, I might add!)

I spent the night at T’s place then she was kind enough to drop me off at my father’s place where I sit now. Once back in my suburban hometown, I quickly hooked up with yet another friend Alley with no destination in mind. It soon became apparent that fast food was definitely in order and we booked it to the nearest Burger King. I do love their Jr. Whoopers with cheese.

Tonight I have managed to see 5 friends; not all at once and do Tim Horton’s and Starbucks all-in-one night. Now when you get 5 girls together on April fools day within the vincinity of a grocery store this is the recipe for crazy fun. My one friend is moving out of province in 2 days time, so saying good-bye was on my list of priorities, she is one of the craziest people I know.


Right now Alley is lifting color (bleaching) from her hair and I am “supervising” as I write this. So I am going to go “supervise”.

PS- I have the call center job doing HR Admin stuff on a contingent basis provided my references and criminal record check out. (Good thing this doesn’t include Mexico)