Domesitication at its finest

Tonight I decided to try my hand at being domesticated. I work 40 hours or so a week so housework isn’t the highest on my list of priorities. We have a dishwasher, so the dishes pretty much do themselves. I did tonight manage to do laundry, the dishes (larger items) and vacuum. It kind of went like this: soak baking sheet, wash larger items while talking on the phone, pull out vacuum and try to figure out where the hell the power button is. It hasn’t been THAT long since I vacuumed, I just haven’t done so since I moved and I don’t know my boyfriend’s vacuum, at all! It is navy blue and black, and everything kinda blends together. After staring at the thing for 5 minutes I figured I would move on to something else and come back to it. After putting on a load of a laundry, I had another look at the vacuum and found the on button. (It is an upright vacuum and was under the tower part in the back by the base.) You’re probably wondering why took me month to do the vacuuming a) part laziness; and b) it was something that needed to be done before I moved in and I wasn’t about to do any cleaning that hadn’t been done prior to me moving in, because I didn’t make the mess. I got my boyfriend to clean the bathroom, but not the vacuuming. I can see why women turn into nags. After asking 2-3 times over the month I got fed up and did it myself, it only took 10 minutes. (Our condo is only about 700 square feet.) On a side note, my boyfriend did home in when I was about done so I had him finish up and he couldn’t find the on button either.
Right now I am half watching a show on TLC called Untold Stories of the ER; currently there is a guy with a commercial meat grinder stuck to his hand, and infant with brown blood something with the hemoglobin not being able to oxygenate his blood so he is blue, and a psych patient that thinks he is a preacher… the interesting thing is the baby because his mother was in for gall bladder surgery and was sitting in the waiting room with his grandparents and a nurse walked by to admire him and noticed he was turning blue and promptly took him to the ER. It is interesting but I prefer the ER shows where everything is live and not dramatized. There used to be a show on a few years back Maternity Ward and it is no longer on. Or they have moved it to Discovery Health and that is a specialty channel. I used to love watching that show, at one point it was narrated by Kelly Ripa. I am going to go watch Grey’s now.


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