This week and next week my boyfriend is out at sea so I am left to my own devices when to amuse myself. Yesterday I decided to take the day off work from my soon-to-be former employer as a scary situation had arisen when I ended up closing the store by myself and was left alone with an ex-con ( I knew this as he told me and his ID was his federal issued Canada Corrections card) living in a half-way house. I was closing with a female co-worker who is a complete selfish b****! I have been there one month and shouldn’t be left by myself to close (not that I can’t handle it.) But she is a testy girl and just up and left me, with my male customer a scary fellow to do his activation and close up. I have no idea what he was in for, but I couldn’t help but wonder and when I was left alone with him my I began imagining all these creepy scenarios and what kind of headlines I could make… I did make small chat with him and I didn’t act like I was nervous I was so relieved when he got left the store with his new cell phone in tow. So this is why I decided to not go in.  

So yesterday I went to a bunch of different thrift stores to buy baby clothes because my sister is having a baby in a month and we found out that she is having a girl! I am so thrilled, not that a boy wouldn’t be a blessing but I just love girls and so does she. This is what happened when I left one thrift store:


Opps 2!

So this is what happens when I am left to my on devices at amusing myself! I was backing up ever so slowly and  then I hear clunk, and I am thinkinhg S***! What have I just done and and try to pull forward, and of course the back tires spin out seeing as they are hanging on an overhang… Thankfully some nice man and his pick up came along and helped me he had a winch and everything and pulled me out. It saved me from having to use Roadside Assistance and remined the importance of having BCAA or CAA or AAA, which I am goingto be getting as soon as the Roadside Assistance runs out on my boyrfriends car.

After this little incident I continued on my shopping expedition and when I was at Winners I realized why they sell discounted stuff at clearance prices, after seeing this baby sleeper with flowers that look like they belong on a curtain from the 70’s I would never put my daughter in this and pity the kid that does get put in this:

Ugly Baby Sleeper

I don’t think my 1.3 MP camera phone does this sleeper justice in just how old school this sleeper actually is but you get the idea.


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