Idol anyone?

So I am currently watching American Idol and Sanjaya is a freaking joke. He obviously knows it. It is sad that he is still around the point of Idol is for really talented people to showcase their talent and websites like are making a mockery of people that take the show serious. From what I have seen so far tonight,  I am was very impressed with Jordin’s performance and I was actually moved, I agree with Simon in that “For the first time in the competition she has given a performance that could make her the next American Idol For once Lakisha didn’t give her best performance but I was still moved. Cleary country is not her forte, but I hope she is kept around for another week.

I read on a cover of a magazine at the grocery store that if you wanna lose weight that you can ‘blog’ it off; as good as an idea as this seems I am hesitant to do this as it is a personal thing and what I consider an accomplishment may not perceived that way be someone else. Maybe I should write down everything that I eat and post it so that I may be accountable to my readers (if I even have any) one friend of mine when she was trying to lose weight would write down every thing she ate and if she didn’t feel like writing it down, she wouldn’t eat it. When I got on the scale this morning and seeing that I gained 4 lbs from last week, needless to say I wasn’t impressed, I am not sure if this is a result of is my scale being off or the crap that I have been eating. I did have a crap load of nachos on Saturday night loaded with cheese I don’t even guess how many calories or grams of fat I ingested so I won’t. But it is probably the crap I have been eating I will post what I ate today and see how it goes…


-strawberry soy smoothie

-oatmeal breakfast bar


-fat free yogurt cup

-granola bar

-half a pita and low fat tzatziki dip)



-salad (only veggies and low fat/low cal dressing)

-half a turkey sandwich

-half a pita and more low fat tzatziki dip)

-1 can of Fresca


-1 orange

-1 apple

-fat free yogurt cup


-1 pork chop slathered in cream of mushroom soup (I know how bad it is but it was soo good and I ate healthy the rest of the day)

-1 cup of corn


-1 bowel of fresh strawberries

Throw in a glass of orange juice here or there… Typing all this out is a pain in the arse… we will see how long I keep this up for. If I can be strong I will cut out the fats for the most part and limit my carb intake and hit the gym at least 3 X per week… this is how I managed to lose 20 lbs 3 years ago unfortunately I gained most of it back and  have 10 lbs to go…

Back to Idol, Melinda was great as per usual and if I didn’t mention them then they didn’t make a very big impression on me.


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