Delurk, Delurk, Delurk! For love of God, if your reading this please drop a comment or 2 my way it will so feed my ego.  After my second day on the job, I still am quite happy. It as (I am dropping the H on purpose- so you can get the feel of my French Canadian trainer) so far been what most of my new jobs have been; seemingly easy and we are stuck in a training room all this week learning dry legislative policy so we will be able to process Old Age Security applications. Today I made the big mistake of not having any sort of caffeine this morning which was apparent as I was nodding off b4 our 1st break. I woke up at bright eyed bushy tailed and well rested (thanks to my new memory foam mattress pad) however; it was short lived… The 1st thing I did was hit up Starbucks on my lunch, so I could feign alertness while attempting to digest whatever policy my clueless trainer attempted to teach us. She is sweet and competent for the most part but doesn’t have a clue. When we are doing a quiz her Q & A’s are different than what we have, she isn’t up to date or 100% sure on the most recent changes to what is an acceptable form of proof of residency… and the stubble, my GOD the stubble. I am beginning to wonder is s/he was formerly a he! I had to get close up to her and mustache stubble is visible. If it was fully grown, it would be a goatee, man I wish I could get a pic of that!  Here are a few more cons:–         Old Skool feel of the place (we are using Windows 2000 for crying out loud!)–         We have shiny new Toshiba flat screen monitors, with keyboards that are at least 10 years old and yellowing with age; this is the government!–         When I fill my prescriptions, I will need to pay outright and get my 80% reimbursement later… my previous employers would do it right then and there when I paid…   


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