This post shoulda came before the last…

***Note*** I am having some serious issues with my editing. … This was originally written on Monday June 18, 2007.  

I certainly have a lot to blog about. Where to start? Right now I am super pissed off at parking ticket lady. I went into a video store for 30 seconds to one minute tops and I parked in a pay parking lot right next store and when I get out she is printing out a ticket! In the time it took me walk in, (30 feet from where I parked) go to my video selection and see that it was rented and walk back out, the bitch gives me a ticket? WTF? For all she knew I coulda been going to break a $20 for change for the damn parking meter! I am definitely going to dispute it! I was probably gone a total of 45 seconds. I am not exaggerating it wasn’t 5, 3 or even 2 minutes it was 1 minute or less! This is why I should really walk to this video store, but I drove because I had to hit the grocery store which is not within in walking distance unless I wanted to go for a long walk which I wasn’t up for.  

What else? I sure have a list of pet peeves I am itching to bitch I mean blog about. How about the freaking slow ass drivers in this town? I sure I have bitched about this before, but if someone can’t drive the speed limit, then they shouldn’t be driving. I am tired of the construction hat has been going on for the last 3 weeks on my block. From end to end it is blocked off, half the time I have to wait for the city truck to move so I can get of of out parking lot, one time the construction workers completely ignore me while I am sitting at the entrance, waiting to exit the lot car in drive until I had to get out and ask them if they would let me out! And of course this would be on a day that I had an interview and trendy advertising agency that I would have loved to work at… I blame them for me not getting the job as I wasn’t able to arrive 5-10 min early that I like to for an interview; which wasn’t meant to be… In other amazing news, I GOT A NEW JOB! 

As of today, I now work for the Government of Canada! I am doing Pension and Old Age Security. Pretty much I will be processing applications aka I am a paper pusher, not that I mind in the slightest. It couldn’t have come at a better time either. I was just about ready to give my 2 weeks notice at my current job because I couldn’t stand it or the lack of organization. And then I come home last week 2 a wonderful message on my voicemail asking me if I could start on Monday. HELL YES I COULD! So after my first day I have a list of pros and cons in no particular order. Before I get to that I gotta say I trainer is character. She is a middle age 40-45 French Canadian with a heavy accent she doesn’t pronounce ‘h’ so if she were to say heavy it would be more like “eavy”. She is beyond clueless and has been there for 14 years, and the best part is the facial hair. She literally has whiskers in her chin region that were slightly prickly looking, not a stray hair either I am talking full on man whiskers! It that was me I would be getting electrolysis hair removal no matter what the cost! 


-Good for growth with all the baby boomers retiring (THANK YOU BABY BOOMERS)

– Downtown so I can walk to work

-Pays well, do not think will be overly challenging-It’s a government job which means all stats and weekends off

– I get extended health care right away

– I was hired one level above entry level which means I don’t have to start in the mail room 


It’s a government job, which means I will soon be disgruntled, (it is a proven fact that government employee’s are disgruntled)

-It’s downtown in and amongst lots of stores with cute clothes on my direct route to and from work (doesn’t help the saving factor when my boyfriend and I have recently decided that we want to be homeowners)

-It will be redundant  

The Pros do out list the cons. I am sure I will be able to add to this list. Portland was fun. I am happy that I got to see my boyfriend. He is sailing for 4 weeks, and I get 2 see him 3 out of 4 weekends so it won’t be nearly as hard on me as the last trip. Things are getting better here. I found an old high school friend on facebook, that happens to be living here too and I called her and we talked for over an hour and we are meeting up for coffee. I am connecting with so many ppl on facebook, way better than myspace. If haven’t signed up you really should. I have post I want to do about myspace vs. facebook but I will save that for another night. And when I am not feeling so lazy I will post some pics of my trip to Portland.  

BTW if any one knows how to configure up my writing space so isn’t so wide please shed your wisdom, I have yet to figure it out.  


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