The problem with boyfriends…

Or mine in particular is that when they/he says they’re going to do something I expect him to do it. This weekend he says he is going to call me, does he know? NO!  

This isn’t your typical living apart and dating situation.  We live together and he is in the navy so our phone time is a precious commodity as he only gets 15 minutes every 3 days or so. When he is alongside (ashore) he gets unlimited calling from his calling card from any pay phone. The phones that he uses out at sea are satellite phones. So he said he would call me this weekend and does he? No! Or so far not yet and it is 830 on a Sunday night. He has time to go drinking and golfing but not to call me for 5 min. I am not overly demanding an expect him to spend hours on the phone just 5 or 10 minutes would be nice. But when he is along side I would like to know he is thinking about me, longer than to write a quick email. I am thoroughly annoyed at this time. I have let him know when to call me, I have had my cell phone on and charged the whole weekend and even when I will be home should he want to call me, I have checked my email constantly, even from my cell phone and emailed him… and he is probably gaming or playing Xbox or whatever the hell he does that is keeping him from thinking about me.  

At this point he doesn’t have a valid excuse in my mind he has phones on his ship, a cell phone, (which he never seems to have charged!) and pay phones etc. when we 1st started dating oh so long ago I remember when he would use a co-workers phone to call me if he couldn’t get signal on his. It was such a treat to here his voice. It’s great how times have changed and how near and dear to his heart I am, now that 5 years have gone by. It’s funny how we treat the ones we love the most the worst. I can attest to this myself. But I won’t. I am going to go watch Grey’s Anatomy on DVD in bed and try to nip this cold that seems to be coming on in the bud. And I am turning the ringer off on both phones!  


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