Last night I went for drive with my friend T out to the boonies to look at some houses. My boyfriend and I have recently decided that we wanted to be homeowners, and anything in our price range happens to be in the sticks. The word charming comes to mind. Never did I think me a city slicker ,would ever live in the sticks…but here I am considering it.

On our drive T and I were dicussing our jobs and I’m thinking that my job is oh-so-important because I am responsible for seniors getting their cheques (which for many, is their sole sorce of income) say “You know if I make one  error, when I am processing an application I can screw up a senior’s income for a month, I have all this power because people are dependent one me for their income.” To what she says “If I f*** up at work I could kill someone.” My ego is shot to shit, she is a nurse.


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