More Victoria Tourism at its finest


This is some crazy French Canadian or Eastern European lady that decided to set up shop on Government St. with all of her “magic cards”…  I not sure of her nationality as she would shout so loud “Come and try my cards” or something to that effect… she posed prettily for undoubtedly because she probably thought I was tourist would get some $ outta me. She posed, I snapped, I left. This is the norm for me on my lunch break and after work. I work in the heart of the tourist area and it is quite amusing.

I walked through Chinatown on my way home every day which is filled with tourists and usually someone of the Asian decent and on Friday I actually saw someone taking a picture of a fire hydrant! Not just of it, but zoomed in on the top. WTF? Of al the things you could take pics of: Darth Vader playing the violin (he is quite known from what my friends on the mainland tell me) or crazy magic lady why would anyone wanna a pic of fire hydrant? It must be the authentic Chinese fire hydrant that is only found here in Victoria, BC because as we all know that Victoria is known for it’s authentic Chinese fire hydrants along with it’s beautiful views and British like feel. …

I had the opportunity to spend the better part of the day with baby niece on Saturday. She has grown so much over the last few months I can’t believe it. And she is such a good baby too. I had her for 5 hours and not once did she cry to fed or change, I had to anticipate this. She fussed slightly but that was it! I got her portraits done for which she was fully cooperative with the photographer and I took her to 2 malls! She slept in the car and was awake and pleasant and smiling in the stroller for the most part. She is so cute, I just lover her to pieces.  I fall in love with her more every time I see her.  shaylajuly.jpg




Tourism at its finest…

If you come to Victoria, BC and walk down Government St. you very well may find Darth Vader playing the violin. It doesn’t do much for our tourism industry.



There is something wrong here…

Seriously… Look at this. When the Pacific Northwest is one of the hottest spots in the USA there is something wrong. Take your pick? El nino or global warming anyone? What’s your explanation because I certainly don’t have one. This is what I have to endure and I only live a little north of Seattle by 50 miles give or take.


It sure is hot out…

I really shouldn’t be posting right now seeing that I have had 2 glasses of wine and have nothing concrete to write about, except for the fact that my boyfriend is at work for the night and I am bored out of mind! The job is going well. I couldn’t be happier with work. I stopped by the old cell phone store to find that there are many changes taking place… makes me wonder if I woulda been the new assitant manager had I stuck around, BUT an assitant manager makes less than I do now and do not get commission. But it woulda looked good on a resume… but I still think that working for the feds is pretty impressive. I am smart dumb enought to work for the federal government. I realized today, since it is no longer necessary to have my work verfified b4 proceeding that I have been forgetting to sign off my applications and had a whole stack returned to me today! Way to make progress! I find my job easy, but there are a lot of little things to remember. … Like to sign off my apps.

I would  love to be at the beach right now but aseeing as my boy has his car at work it aitn going to happen. I wil just have to be content reding blogs and talking on the phone.

The little things…

What could be better? I am lying in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy on DVD and I have the lap top at my disposel. My boyfriend is at work and I decided to open my home up to my dad and my uncle for the night… Which is very cramped I might add for a one bedroom condo, but I didn’t have give up any of my nightly comforts thanks to technology. I have a good post up my sleeveless sleave, but I hate typing on a lap top keyboard so I will save for another day.

Where has the time gone?

I can’t believe where the time has gone? It’s July 2 already. Which means summer will be over before I even blink. There is so much I want to do this summer and so little time do it in. I have to cram 12 weeks of activitties in 8 weeks seeing as June was one of the the rainiest on records for decades here on the west coast. So far July is shaping pretty nicely. I couldn’t have asked for a better long weekend not too or too cold. Next weekend will be nice and hot, which is good. I get to go to a rodeo with some friends, I can’t wait for that and I get a visit with niece next Saturday. God help me, I am going to spoil her rotten. I have already bought her a pair of Robeez and a new sun dress. God only knows what I will get her when I actually have her with me!

My boyfriend and I are also going to Nova Scotia for a week in in late July/early August. We’re going to see his extended family, go to PEI, and go to Cape Breton and do the Cabot Trail. We also want to get up to Tofino for a weekend with friends and not mention camping if I can squeeze it in and go to the local hot spots of summer. Before I know it, it will be Labor day weekend. I wish I didn’t have to work and could just enjoy summer without the 9-5 routine…