It sure is hot out…

I really shouldn’t be posting right now seeing that I have had 2 glasses of wine and have nothing concrete to write about, except for the fact that my boyfriend is at work for the night and I am bored out of mind! The job is going well. I couldn’t be happier with work. I stopped by the old cell phone store to find that there are many changes taking place… makes me wonder if I woulda been the new assitant manager had I stuck around, BUT an assitant manager makes less than I do now and do not get commission. But it woulda looked good on a resume… but I still think that working for the feds is pretty impressive. I am smart dumb enought to work for the federal government. I realized today, since it is no longer necessary to have my work verfified b4 proceeding that I have been forgetting to sign off my applications and had a whole stack returned to me today! Way to make progress! I find my job easy, but there are a lot of little things to remember. … Like to sign off my apps.

I would  love to be at the beach right now but aseeing as my boy has his car at work it aitn going to happen. I wil just have to be content reding blogs and talking on the phone.


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