More Victoria Tourism at its finest


This is some crazy French Canadian or Eastern European lady that decided to set up shop on Government St. with all of her “magic cards”…  I not sure of her nationality as she would shout so loud “Come and try my cards” or something to that effect… she posed prettily for undoubtedly because she probably thought I was tourist would get some $ outta me. She posed, I snapped, I left. This is the norm for me on my lunch break and after work. I work in the heart of the tourist area and it is quite amusing.

I walked through Chinatown on my way home every day which is filled with tourists and usually someone of the Asian decent and on Friday I actually saw someone taking a picture of a fire hydrant! Not just of it, but zoomed in on the top. WTF? Of al the things you could take pics of: Darth Vader playing the violin (he is quite known from what my friends on the mainland tell me) or crazy magic lady why would anyone wanna a pic of fire hydrant? It must be the authentic Chinese fire hydrant that is only found here in Victoria, BC because as we all know that Victoria is known for it’s authentic Chinese fire hydrants along with it’s beautiful views and British like feel. …

I had the opportunity to spend the better part of the day with baby niece on Saturday. She has grown so much over the last few months I can’t believe it. And she is such a good baby too. I had her for 5 hours and not once did she cry to fed or change, I had to anticipate this. She fussed slightly but that was it! I got her portraits done for which she was fully cooperative with the photographer and I took her to 2 malls! She slept in the car and was awake and pleasant and smiling in the stroller for the most part. She is so cute, I just lover her to pieces.  I fall in love with her more every time I see her.  shaylajuly.jpg




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