In Memory of Lorraine…

One of my co-workers died over the weekend. I didn’t work with her very long, a little over 2 months but I am really going to miss her. She was older about 60 and was a smoker. Was this a contributing factor? I don’t know. All I know is that she died alone in her apartment. She was single and didn’t have any kids. I don’t think that it a pleasant way to die. I am sure going to miss her. She was my coach and would verify my work along with my fellow newbs. If I did something wrong, she wouldn’t tell anyone namely my boss she would keep it to her self. Her desk was/in disarray all the time with paper and crap everywhere but I loved her. She was always trying to feed everyone she would always share her goodies with us she was my go to person for crackers. I love crackers. Sometimes I would a have a cigarette with her (I am a social smoker) and we would talk and she wouldn’t think twice about giving her opinion, even to management. She loved cats and was always sending funny forwards around the office. The one thing that gets me is nobody knows how long she was lying dead in her apartment for. She didn’t report to work last week since Thursday, Friday was her day off and by Monday a lot of people were worried sick as it was unlike her to not talk to her co-workers over the weekend. After the insistence of several co-workers our boss called her landlady who went to check on her, she couldn’t get in because the chain was locked over her door. So then the cops were called… which would lead up to where she was found dead. We were all called to a meeting where the news was broken to us, but some of us new beforehand as her not being at work was out of character for her.

You know there was something that I wanted to tell her that I wish I had and now I can’t because that chance is gone. This makes me realize that you never know when you last moment with a person will be. I haven’t had to deal with death too much in my life. My paternal grandma died when I was 13; I still miss her. Both my maternal grandparents passed away long before I was born and I have lost my mom’s best friend, who was like an aunt to me. I have also lost a school mate in grade 8, but other than that I haven’t had to deal with death too much. It isn’t easy. I am finding out that I don’t necessary cry right away. I don’t hold it in either, I just don’t cry. I didn’t cry when my grandma dies because we knew it was coming. Lorraine, you will be missed here’s to the memory of you.   cat.jpgcat2.jpg