My f***ing head hurts I am in constants sinus pain. I went to the walk-in clinic the other day for a refill prescription for my nasal spray and the doctor wouldn’t give it to me. WTF? My regular doctor did… Lets go back a step. Ever since I got pregnant I have had a constant sinus infection. I steam my sinuses 2X a day, use a saline solution and there is still no relief. In comes the nasal spray which offered me some relief. It is a steroid spray which my Dr. assured me was alright as it was minimal to the baby and would be alright as it isn’t being ingested orally, so I happily go on using it and then run out. Here enters walk-in-clinic Dr. whose says it is harmful my baby’s development until after 14 weeks. WTF? So does this mean I have been harming my baby unknowingly for the last 2 weeks or so? Why can’t doctors be on the same page? Well I have 2.5 weeks of suffering to go. The dr. suggested that I got into a steaming bathroom for a minimum of 20 minutes a day and use a saline solution minimum 4 X? Who has time for this? I can’t do the saline thing at work, I am gone from 9-5, and I suppose to get up in the middle of the night to do this?


Thursdays = Happy Day(s)

It’s Thursday which means it is my happy day as Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight. I officially have one week, 8 days counting today to September 27th which will the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. I have been looking forward to this for what seems like over 4 long months! And I have one week to go. As the credit’s flashed on the season premiere, I wasn’t thinking wow what a cliff hanger, but okay now how the hell do I get through the next 4 months?

I didn’t think that the finale left much to be desired and was rather predictbale, unlike the season finales for both seasons 1 and 2… There is not an introduction to a McDreamy’s estranged wife or hot McSteamy sex that left much to be desired. Anyone who has followed the show must have known that Meredith’s half sister Lexie would end up as a surgical intern at Seattle Grace ever since her other sister Molly mentioned Lexie from her hospital bed. I have high expectations for Season 4… I do not like to be let down especially now that I have millions of extra hormones running pumping through me for the next 29 weeks or so. September 27th actually is also extra special to me as it will be the start of my 12th week of pregnancy! That’s right I am harvesting a human life inside of me! I am 11 weeks today, which is a week shy of announcing it but I can’t keep it in any longer seeing as how it is consuming me! I am raging mess of hormones and I am wondering if it ever will get better? I don’t’ want complain too much, but I am tired all the time, I am forgetful, and I am constantly picking stupid fights with my boyfriend. I am beginning to wonder if he will stick with me all the way to the end of the road when the sleepless nights will begin. (he has been a trooper so far putting up with me! )To call it moodiness, is an understatement it is like PMS but 10x worse! But I don’t want to complain too much. I have 7 months for that. At this time, I would like to introduce you to my future son or daughter Peanut. This was at 6 weeks and 5 days.


Long over do

This seems to be my theme of late, not posting. I do not do it intentionally, however I just do not feel that i have anything substantial to write about. I should’ve named my blog the Musings of Lonely Women. As that is the reason I created this blog to keep me sane while my boyfriend was away at sea, well recently he got posted ashore which means NO MORE sailing. This still doesn’t mean that I am not lonely, seeing that I have zero of a social life here and not one close girlfriend my age. I did have a really good friend, and she was a godsend, but she moved away as anyone I have known here has. That’s what I get for being friends with a military girlfriend, because that’s what happens, you make a close friend then the god damn military will post them (or more like their boyfriend/husband/significant other) elsewhere. I am not worried about this happening to us as my boyfriend is in the navy and there are only 2 navel bases in all of Canada, it is very unlikely as it is costly to move someone clear across the country.

I am lonely, but not a loner. I do have plenty of friends but the just happen to live an hour and half ferry ride away and it’s not like I can just hope on the ferry and go for a coffee. I do go home but on the weekends. I have made the effort to  make friends of old friends from high school or friends of friends that live here BUT that is easier said than done seeing as it takes to make an effort. And I am hardly here on weekends as I go home to get a week or 2 worth of social life crammed into to 2-3 days. I am going kinda stir crazy here but hopefully it will pass.

To pass time I have my daily blogs that I read that I am more than willing to admit that I am addicted to, which made me realize that I am disappointed when my favorite bloggers do not update there sites which has inspired this post, However, I doubt that I have any disappointed readers considering my numbers. But here is a post.

I’ll let you in on some of my favorite blogs in no particular order. 


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