My f***ing head hurts I am in constants sinus pain. I went to the walk-in clinic the other day for a refill prescription for my nasal spray and the doctor wouldn’t give it to me. WTF? My regular doctor did… Lets go back a step. Ever since I got pregnant I have had a constant sinus infection. I steam my sinuses 2X a day, use a saline solution and there is still no relief. In comes the nasal spray which offered me some relief. It is a steroid spray which my Dr. assured me was alright as it was minimal to the baby and would be alright as it isn’t being ingested orally, so I happily go on using it and then run out. Here enters walk-in-clinic Dr. whose says it is harmful my baby’s development until after 14 weeks. WTF? So does this mean I have been harming my baby unknowingly for the last 2 weeks or so? Why can’t doctors be on the same page? Well I have 2.5 weeks of suffering to go. The dr. suggested that I got into a steaming bathroom for a minimum of 20 minutes a day and use a saline solution minimum 4 X? Who has time for this? I can’t do the saline thing at work, I am gone from 9-5, and I suppose to get up in the middle of the night to do this?


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