Oh how I miss thee

I am lost without you. I have lost my beloved 213, and I don’t know how I will survive without it. I love its soft fluff like bristles, and the way it carasses my lids when it deposits eyeshadow, and the crease work oh the crease work. I have had you for nearly 5 years, and you have left me. I have searched high and low for you and I can’t find you, so I’m left with no choice but to replace you.


A thank you is in order…

To the 2 stupid drunken idiots that woke up half of my building last night at 3:30am. Thank-you for waking me up for being loud and obnoxious in the stairwell next to my unit, thank-you for being so drunk you do not know where you live or how to get into your supposed unit, thank-you for not calming down so I have to call the cops and stay up to buzz them in and wait and show them where you were making your commotion, thank-you for contributing to the lack of sleep I already suffer from being pregnant, thank-you for me being so tired that I had to leave work early on a Friday as I was nodding off at my desk, thank-you for being you, so that I get woken up in the middle of my nap by the strata council calling to ask me about the event and having them ask me to write up a statement about the incident so I can take up my time during my weekend so they fine your ass. A big F*** YOU is more in order.

I really do not like my new position at work. I am in the finance department aka the data entry and filing department. In short my department makes up checks for clients that need.their.money.now. When I was told that I was going to my new department my former boss made it seem less stressful given my condition and they were thinking of my best interest, which I found to BS. There was a spot to temporarily be filled and I am the filler. I didn’t realize that I would be their little filing bitch because they got so far behind. I didn’t know that I wouldn’t get to use my brain. The part that really pisses me off that when I asked to go back to my old job I was told it wasn’t an option nor was my new position.

Pretty much I was due for more training but management didn’t want to waste the money to train me as I will be going on mat leave in the spring. This seems discriminatory towards me accept it isn’t because I am at the same pay grade and it was deemed I would be the “best fit”.  I talked to my union rep about it and isn’t fair but allowed. I was loving my job up until last week, boring as it was I still liked it. Now I go to my desk and start filing or data entering trying to hold back tears of frustration because I dislike my job so much. I am having my work verified ( I have only been doing it for 3 days) for the time being and I keep making mistakes because I am flustered and the women who is “over seeing” my work has no people skills, is anal, can’t think outside the box and when she does correct me she is condescending about it. I don’t think that this is intentional but it sure feels that way. The other 2 women I work with I like just fine. The thing I don’t get is that one has been there 7 years, that’s the least amount of time of time of the women I work with. Don’t these people strive for more? I know I do.

Bottom line, I don’t see how it this less stressful when half the day I am and cursing under my breath putting a smile on my face. I was looking forward to as much as a stress free pregnancy as possible. I guess I won’t be having a calm baby that I had hoped for, because if all the baby knows is stress its whole time in utero than how can it know anything else outside of me? I know I need to calm down but I don’t know how when I can’t stand what I am doing.

It’s my Saturday and I will sleep in if I want to…

Or not, if I am woken up at 8:40am with a charlie horse in my right calf. I only get them in my calves and I have no idea why. The only thing I can do is squeeze my foot into a ball until the contraction and pain passes. If I don’t scrunch my foot I would be crying for dear life. I haven’t had one in a long time, but I seem to get them only when I am sleeping and I.don’t.know.why. So that was the start to my Saturday.

Now that I am done my antibiotics my sinus headache is back and so is the phlegm. What the hell do I have to do to kick this sinus thing? I took this weekend off for some R&R and have even opted to stay in both nights and I still feel like crap. My fiance is out again tonight, not that I mind he hardly ever goes out and I had the option to go out with him last night but choose not to. I don’t find watching people get silly drunk my idea of fun. Before I was el prego, I go out the bars with my friends and be the DD or not drink and have have a good time, but now that drinking is not an option I don’t enjoy myself. Most times if I went to a club or a bar it’s to dance, not drink. Well those days are over. I just hope when it comes around for my stagette party,  post baby I will actually be up for it…

I have approximately 26 Saturdays left until I am a mother and today I didn’t get to sleep in or go out. I need to have some fun before Peanut is born. I had better get use to staying in on the weekends so I will practice now and be condemned to night of watching Reba on CMT. For now I will leave you with some belly pics:

12 weeks:



14 weeks: Sucking it in


Not sucking it in:


All I have right now to take pics is my cell phone as my digital camera has been in repair since August. I want my camera back. I have some earlier pics that I am to lazy to format along with trying to find out the HTML coding on this thing. And here is my beautiful niece:


So yesterday I had a list of 3 things I wanted to do:

-Write a post about how I dislike my new position at work

-Charge my Ipod

-Update my playlist on my Ipod

Did I do any of the above? No.

I did start out a post but I never finished. What did I do? I talked on the phone, went for a walk with my fiance, scarfed down God only knows how many empty calories and grams of fat and watched Private Practice and managed to gain 2 lbs in 24 hours.

Today this is 1 of the 3 things I wanted to do from yesterday. I will charge my Ipod but am too lazy to update my playlist. (I know all I have to do is plug the thing into the PC and it will do it for me, but my fiance’s playlist is on here and I don’t want to overide mine with his so it will take some configuration.) I also want to have a hot bath, wash and style my hair seeing as I look like crap and and have all week and need to feel better. I don’t want to think or talk about work until I have to be there tomorrow.  

Greetings from Alberta

I am now sitting at my fiance’s parents safe and sound. I wrote this post yesteray at work.   

I should be working, but blogging is much more fun on the Friday before a long weekend. I dared not write about this for fear I would jinx myself, but regardless my cold came back to bite me in the ass. I was feeling much better on Wednesday and
Thursday so much that yesterday I wasn’t stuffy nor did I have to take any
Tylenol all day for the pain. I even went out to the park with my boyfriend for
a walk and was up an hour earlier. But today it is back with a vengeance. I have
stuffy/runny nose and a headache. All on the day I get to fly to Calgary for
Thanksgiving. It couldn’t be more ill timed. What does a girl have to do get rid
of a cold??? I was hoping for a fun filled weekend with family and getting to
know my boyfriend’s new baby niece but I will probably spend it trying to not
get everyone else sick. Ugh. On the brightside at least I haven’t missed any

I hope I am better by Tuesday as I am starting in a new department and will
need to be with it to learn whatever it is I will be doing. My manager
approached me on Wednesday and asked me if I would like to switch departments
seeing as the really need an the extra body and it will probably be easier and
less stressful for me than what I am doing (paper pushing)…  I couldn’t be
happier as I get to avoid 2 weeks of in class training for the more heavier
stuff… But I am not a delicate flower just because I am knocked up. My new
manager doesn’t want me lifting a thing when I move my desk …  I really
don’t think lifting some photo frames, binders and office supplies is going to
put me out too much or make me go into pre-term labor…  I guess I had
better not jinx myself.

Speaking of pre-term labor, I read this article
before going to bed. This certainly gives me faith in my provinces medical
system. What I don’t get is the part
“There’s no support, no help in getting them down there,” said Adrian Dix, the
province’s health critic.
Does this mean that if women and her pre-term baby need to be transported out of
country for medical care that they are left to their own devices? I would hardly
think so considering the situation.

WordPress is PISSING me off

****I have tried to write a nice clean post in a list format but for whatever reason unknown to me wordpress is lumping my post into one huge ass paragraph, I have deleted and reposted and the same if anyone can shed some light, please do***It must have been when I bumped my head when I was getting into the car from grocery shopping. I actually want to blog and I think about blogging and think about posts. It must be the bump on my head or the fact that it’s delurk day… it remains to be seen how long I keep this up for. I will probably not be posting over the Thanksgiving long weekend coming up as my boyfriend and I are flying up to his parents for the holiday. Joy! I never saw myself knowingly flying while pregnant. I did fly before I found out and I have a fear of flying while pregnant even though both my doctor and midwife assured me it’s fine and I am only 13 weeks. This fear stems from a book of my mom’s that I read I think it was called Born to Soon and it’s biography this woman who was roughly 5 1/2 months pregnant who went into labor while flying and the end result after giving to her daughter, who had quite the fight for life in the NICU, was the baby passed away.  I do not fear preterm labor. I was born 2 months early and my little brother was born at about 25 1/2 weeks gestation in 1985 and he survived and is as healthy as a horse and in fact he turns 22 today which reminds me, I’d better call him. He was in the NICU for months and his chances for survival were grave, but because of this I have faith in God and medical technology. I just fear that flying will put me at risk. Here are some other random things that may or may not have come up on here. I love country musicI like to cook but I hate to bake but I can turn out a good pastry if I put in a little effortI am a good cook/baker (if I choose to) and not at all afraid to toot my own horn aboutI love caesar saladsI love juice in any form be it frozen, liquid or slushed. (Do not tell my midwife this as she wants me to watch my sugar intake)I am CanadianMy favorite Starbucks drink is a White Chocolate Mocha since I am pregnant this has changed to a Sugar Free Caramel Non-Fat LatteI like to post random pics I take on way home from work but my camera has been in the repair shop since who knows when. I love Grey’s Anatomy; I have been hooked ever since I saw my first episode Blues for Sister Someone. I am trying to give Private Practice chance seeing as Kate Walsh was a big reason I was hooked onto Grey’s…I am lazyI have no clue as to how to change up the HTML coding or whatever to make my columnI am a pessimist who tries to remain optimistic That’s all what I have for now. I am off to make a spinach dip for a work thing tomorrow before Private Practice starts.    


 So I checked my blog out this morning and I was in the low 390’s for hits, I come back 8 hours later and I am at 411.  

It is the great Mofo delurk day! I have delurked at some of my favorite. This is the most action that my blog has seen in one day since maybe its creation. So do a girl a favor! I your reading and haven’t delurked before please do! I am willing to beg if I have to.  I am also willing to admit I am negligent in posting, and I could’ve posted a few days sooner but lets face it I am lazy.   


My latest issue is maternity related. Stretch marks and maternity clothes. I will post a question and you can leave me an answer.

What did you use to avoid stretch marks? And when did you start to use it?

I have some ideas out there and I am almost 100 % committed to buying a product but I will see if you my readers have anything to say about it. I am just not sure when to start using it.

Some happy news, a fellow blogger Helen that I have been reading for quite some time had twins today. Here babies are just gorgeous. Congradulations Helen! Her blog is very witty and well written. Go have a look at her new babies and have a good read/laugh.


Tonight I got to here my baby’s heartbeat for the very first time. To me, it was more tangible than my 6 week ultrasound. All I saw at that time was Peanut with a little blink in the center which was his/her heartbeat. I headed to the local walk-in- clinic about my sinus infection which has moved to my lungs in the form of phlegm, that I don’t’ see going anywhere so I got my trusted prescription. I asked the doctor if there was a Doppler handy so I could here the baby’s heartbeat and sure enough there was and after a few tries we did get one.  I have heard a fetal heartbeat before, but it was amazing knowing it was coming from me; an actual life is inside of me. I am in awe. My sinus infection seems to be clearing up, at least the pain part of it is. Which means less steamings Woo hoo! Now on for the antibiotic induced yeast infection. Good times are ahead. Good times!