So I checked my blog out this morning and I was in the low 390’s for hits, I come back 8 hours later and I am at 411.  

It is the great Mofo delurk day! I have delurked at some of my favorite. This is the most action that my blog has seen in one day since maybe its creation. So do a girl a favor! I your reading and haven’t delurked before please do! I am willing to beg if I have to.  I am also willing to admit I am negligent in posting, and I could’ve posted a few days sooner but lets face it I am lazy.   


My latest issue is maternity related. Stretch marks and maternity clothes. I will post a question and you can leave me an answer.

What did you use to avoid stretch marks? And when did you start to use it?

I have some ideas out there and I am almost 100 % committed to buying a product but I will see if you my readers have anything to say about it. I am just not sure when to start using it.

Some happy news, a fellow blogger Helen that I have been reading for quite some time had twins today. Here babies are just gorgeous. Congradulations Helen! Her blog is very witty and well written. Go have a look at her new babies and have a good read/laugh.


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