Greetings from Alberta

I am now sitting at my fiance’s parents safe and sound. I wrote this post yesteray at work.   

I should be working, but blogging is much more fun on the Friday before a long weekend. I dared not write about this for fear I would jinx myself, but regardless my cold came back to bite me in the ass. I was feeling much better on Wednesday and
Thursday so much that yesterday I wasn’t stuffy nor did I have to take any
Tylenol all day for the pain. I even went out to the park with my boyfriend for
a walk and was up an hour earlier. But today it is back with a vengeance. I have
stuffy/runny nose and a headache. All on the day I get to fly to Calgary for
Thanksgiving. It couldn’t be more ill timed. What does a girl have to do get rid
of a cold??? I was hoping for a fun filled weekend with family and getting to
know my boyfriend’s new baby niece but I will probably spend it trying to not
get everyone else sick. Ugh. On the brightside at least I haven’t missed any

I hope I am better by Tuesday as I am starting in a new department and will
need to be with it to learn whatever it is I will be doing. My manager
approached me on Wednesday and asked me if I would like to switch departments
seeing as the really need an the extra body and it will probably be easier and
less stressful for me than what I am doing (paper pushing)…  I couldn’t be
happier as I get to avoid 2 weeks of in class training for the more heavier
stuff… But I am not a delicate flower just because I am knocked up. My new
manager doesn’t want me lifting a thing when I move my desk …  I really
don’t think lifting some photo frames, binders and office supplies is going to
put me out too much or make me go into pre-term labor…  I guess I had
better not jinx myself.

Speaking of pre-term labor, I read this article
before going to bed. This certainly gives me faith in my provinces medical
system. What I don’t get is the part
“There’s no support, no help in getting them down there,” said Adrian Dix, the
province’s health critic.
Does this mean that if women and her pre-term baby need to be transported out of
country for medical care that they are left to their own devices? I would hardly
think so considering the situation.


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