It’s my Saturday and I will sleep in if I want to…

Or not, if I am woken up at 8:40am with a charlie horse in my right calf. I only get them in my calves and I have no idea why. The only thing I can do is squeeze my foot into a ball until the contraction and pain passes. If I don’t scrunch my foot I would be crying for dear life. I haven’t had one in a long time, but I seem to get them only when I am sleeping and I.don’t.know.why. So that was the start to my Saturday.

Now that I am done my antibiotics my sinus headache is back and so is the phlegm. What the hell do I have to do to kick this sinus thing? I took this weekend off for some R&R and have even opted to stay in both nights and I still feel like crap. My fiance is out again tonight, not that I mind he hardly ever goes out and I had the option to go out with him last night but choose not to. I don’t find watching people get silly drunk my idea of fun. Before I was el prego, I go out the bars with my friends and be the DD or not drink and have have a good time, but now that drinking is not an option I don’t enjoy myself. Most times if I went to a club or a bar it’s to dance, not drink. Well those days are over. I just hope when it comes around for my stagette party,  post baby I will actually be up for it…

I have approximately 26 Saturdays left until I am a mother and today I didn’t get to sleep in or go out. I need to have some fun before Peanut is born. I had better get use to staying in on the weekends so I will practice now and be condemned to night of watching Reba on CMT. For now I will leave you with some belly pics:

12 weeks:



14 weeks: Sucking it in


Not sucking it in:


All I have right now to take pics is my cell phone as my digital camera has been in repair since August. I want my camera back. I have some earlier pics that I am to lazy to format along with trying to find out the HTML coding on this thing. And here is my beautiful niece:



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