I really do not like my new position at work. I am in the finance department aka the data entry and filing department. In short my department makes up checks for clients that need.their.money.now. When I was told that I was going to my new department my former boss made it seem less stressful given my condition and they were thinking of my best interest, which I found to BS. There was a spot to temporarily be filled and I am the filler. I didn’t realize that I would be their little filing bitch because they got so far behind. I didn’t know that I wouldn’t get to use my brain. The part that really pisses me off that when I asked to go back to my old job I was told it wasn’t an option nor was my new position.

Pretty much I was due for more training but management didn’t want to waste the money to train me as I will be going on mat leave in the spring. This seems discriminatory towards me accept it isn’t because I am at the same pay grade and it was deemed I would be the “best fit”.  I talked to my union rep about it and isn’t fair but allowed. I was loving my job up until last week, boring as it was I still liked it. Now I go to my desk and start filing or data entering trying to hold back tears of frustration because I dislike my job so much. I am having my work verified ( I have only been doing it for 3 days) for the time being and I keep making mistakes because I am flustered and the women who is “over seeing” my work has no people skills, is anal, can’t think outside the box and when she does correct me she is condescending about it. I don’t think that this is intentional but it sure feels that way. The other 2 women I work with I like just fine. The thing I don’t get is that one has been there 7 years, that’s the least amount of time of time of the women I work with. Don’t these people strive for more? I know I do.

Bottom line, I don’t see how it this less stressful when half the day I am and cursing under my breath putting a smile on my face. I was looking forward to as much as a stress free pregnancy as possible. I guess I won’t be having a calm baby that I had hoped for, because if all the baby knows is stress its whole time in utero than how can it know anything else outside of me? I know I need to calm down but I don’t know how when I can’t stand what I am doing.


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