A thank you is in order…

To the 2 stupid drunken idiots that woke up half of my building last night at 3:30am. Thank-you for waking me up for being loud and obnoxious in the stairwell next to my unit, thank-you for being so drunk you do not know where you live or how to get into your supposed unit, thank-you for not calming down so I have to call the cops and stay up to buzz them in and wait and show them where you were making your commotion, thank-you for contributing to the lack of sleep I already suffer from being pregnant, thank-you for me being so tired that I had to leave work early on a Friday as I was nodding off at my desk, thank-you for being you, so that I get woken up in the middle of my nap by the strata council calling to ask me about the event and having them ask me to write up a statement about the incident so I can take up my time during my weekend so they fine your ass. A big F*** YOU is more in order.


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