NaBloPoMo Round 1

FYI it is currently Nov 1, 207 6:43pm PST not Nov 2nd as listed on the date.  

So the idea behind this is to Easier said then done. November 1st 2007 marks the 17th week of my pregnancy. I have yet to feel a little flutter and Peanut is approximately 5 inches long… But my doctor said to not be surprised if I don’t feel the baby move until my 20th week.

I guess I will have to write about all the things I have wanted to, but have been putting off. Not much is new around here. I am extremely unhappy at work, and not wanting to give into my pessimistic tendencies, have decided to not write about it right now. And I am just lazy. I am tired all the time, I don’t have energy for anything and I think another sinus infection or head cold may be on the go. I shall have to wait to see.

Today is a good day to celebrates as I have 500 hits on my blog… It has only taken 6 months or so… Please delurk, on my blog and I will delurk on yours. The end.


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