Today’s the Big Day

Today, this morning in an hour for now I will be getting my main ultrasound. Right now I am drinking my prerequisite 24 Oz’s of water. The fun part. Last time I had my ultrasound it was 32 Oz’s which I drank an hour before along with whatever other liquids my morning meal had consisted of and by the time I got to the clinic I could hardly walk I I had to pee so bad I even let a little out, twice! And when I got on the table the technician put the wand on belly, frowned at the screen and looked again muttered “too much” to herself (English was her second language) and handed me a cup and said let this much out. This made me very happy. I hope this doesn’t happen today… I am only have my 3 cups of water and nothing else, no cereal or juice (which would require me to make some) just toast and fruit. I am sure I will be doing my little dance in an hour or so…

So if we wanted to find out the sex, today would be the day but we have decided not to. Part of me wants to for prep but I want that surprise after 9 months of carrying a human being and going through many hours of labor I wan to hear the “It’s a (blank)” Unless of course it’s a he with his little bits on display for the world to see this will be the only way.


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