No impressed… at all

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the maternity ward where I will most likely give birth, and I am not at all impressed in the slightest. It started Saturday night with some short but sharp abdominal pains in he bottom of my torso, which I didn’t bother to pay much attention to. I felt them again in the middle of the night and Saturday morning and my vision was distorted (I was seeing yellow transparent blobs on the wall and in my bubble bath, which I imagine a lot of people saw in the 60’s and 70’s) so I figured a trip to the walk in clinic was warranted. I wasn’t about go to the hospital for a little pain. The doctor who saw me took my blood pressure 110/70 and poked and prodded my belly, had a listen with his stethoscope not a Doppler and told me to go to the hospital straight to the maternity ward because he doesn’t do Obstetrics and doesn’t want to reassure me… pretty much he was passing the buck. So my fiance and I make the drive and I go to the reception and ask her where maternity is and I am told to go to emergency because I am not far enough along (20 weeks is the cut off) and I was 19 weeks and 3 days yesterday… At the emerg registration there are a few people before me, an old lady that look/sounded near death in a stretcher being dealt with my paramedics so I was thinking screw this is a waste of my time. I asked one nurse if I could go to maternity and she said is should as they might take me and when I get up there the charge nurse says they will not take me as I am not far enough along and to call my doctor (I have a midwife) and to go back to emergency. I am thinking she can kiss my ass. At this point I am upset because what if I was in premature labor ands because the dumb bitch denied me care I lost my baby. If she is around when I do go into labor, I will make it a point to go out of my way to not be so kind to her.

This isn’t the kind of care I expect, no empathy whatsoever, she was more matter of fact and rules are rules. it’s a bloody hospital for crying out loud. When I got back to emergency, there were 5 or 6 old people lying in stretchers waiting to be admitted. ( I live in old people capital of the province I swear to god) There was no bloody way I way I was waiting for that so I called my midwife (which I should have done in the 1st place) who happened to be at the hospital seeing another patient. We decided to meet at her office as my pains had subsided and she could evaluate me there… I never wanted to go to the hospital but the damn doctor at the walk-in clinic told me I needed a complete fetal assessment and exam… My midwife just brought out the Doppler listened to the baby’s heartbeat and told me that the pains I was having was probably a bladder infection or random pregnancy pains which are common and gave me so lab work to do… She also to my BP and listened to the baby for a little awhile… I should have just called her first. I know based on the lovely empathetic nurses at hospital (the only one with a maternity ward in this city) that that’s not where I want to give birth. My fiance suggested a home birth which is an option however, I want to be near the pain meds/epidural/laughing gas should I need them and in case a c-section is needed and I don’t feel comfortable giving birth at home my 1st time around, no matter how positive the atmosphere may be I am not comfortable with it. I will either be giving birth here or hopefully however unlikely I will go into labor in Vancouver where there is plethora of hospitals to choose from which I know quite well.

So after all this talk I have images of Peanut whose gender is still not known.


I have gotten my ultrasound results and everything is normal except Peanut’s kidneys are measuring slightly bigger than they should be so I have a another ultrasound at 33 weeks to check this out. My midwife says that this is common and not worry and most likely be fine at the next ultrasound, so I am not worrying.


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