What is society coming to? This story about a “Teen [who] alleges she was assaulted by Victoria police” and all the media attention that it is receiving really pisses me. To sum it up some little snot nosed teenager gets drunk, gets caught being drunk in public, is thrown in the drunk tank by police and is restrained for 4 hours in a padded cell. Three years after the fact her parents decide to sue the Victoria Police Department and show little snippets of her on the news being handcuffed and her legs tethered by a piece of nylon. I have seen interviews of her crying to the new reporter how she was humilated  and her rights were violated as she was only a little 100 lb 15 year old and blah blah blah cry me a freakin’ river.

The media is turning this into a bloody sob story. No mention that she was underage, drunk in public and uncooperative. with police at one point. I am sure the VPD acted according to protocol. So a she was handcuffed for 4 hours and her legs tethered to a door. In the video released I don’t see how she was abused or mistreated. As far as I am concerned if your drunk enough to not handle yourself in public and UNDERAGE you should be thrown in the drunk tank. According to this article her parents weren’t around. What were her consequences after the fact? Why wasn’t she charged for being drunk in public or the person who got the liquor for her? As far as I am concerned all her parents want some quick money and are very greedy. This story doesn’t warrant national media attention nor to clog up the the courts system (albeit it is civil court) wasting resources for people that really need it.

The media and society is so quick to judge the police who were only doing their job, yet when there is an emergency who does society call? It isn’t a good time to be a police officer in Canada in the wake of the whole tasering incident at the Vancouver airport, who are we to condemn and judge the men and women who risk their lives for our safety for us everyday?


Wordless Wednesday


Peanut at 28 weeks and 6 days.

Long Hour

It’s going to be a long hour. I just painted my toe nails in god only knows how long and it is going to take a miracle to not smudge them. In the summer I paint them more. In the winter I don’t as nobody really gets to see them. Unless I am doing something that requires me to where opened toed shoes… And this weekend does. I have already smudged my toes 2x. And I am just siting at the computer surfing and reading blogs and uploading photos. I really do need one of those toe separator things. A pen lid just doesn’t cut it.

My toes

I have now shared with you my feet. Oh I can’t wait till I can bend down farther and do a better job. I needed the aid of box while sitting in chair to accomplish these horrible toes.

I am doing my best to kill time here. I still have to pack. I am headed to Vancouver tonight for the weekend. I will finally have a social life. One of my good friends is moving away this week so were having a farewell bash for her. This means copious amounts of drinking on their parts which means my sober pregnant ass will be taken advantage playing the role of DD. Now my only dilemma is what to wear?

I like going to the bar in a large group of friends and I like to dance. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a pregnant women going to the bar to dance and have fun. Some people automatically assume that because a pregnant women is an establishment that serves liquor late at night she must be partaking. Why can’t I dance and have fun? For the most part I don’t have the desire or energy to put the effort into getting ready but once in awhile I do. When I was first pregnant I went to a nightclub with a friend we were in a bathroom talking about my being pregnant and some drunk chick was like “Shouldn’t you be at home nurturing your baby?” To which I replied “I am not drinking, I am not smoking, Why can’t I dance and have fun?” She thought about it and said something like “True enough.” I am not doing anything wrong, if anything I am getting some much needed exercise. (Side note most nightclubs and bars in BC are smoke free and the ones I usually go to are.)

Anyways back to what should I wear? My options are limited here. I wish I had bought this really stretchy pair of skinny jeans which would’ve easily seen me through till now and would’ve looked so cute tucked into a pair boots…  I can ponder this while not smudging my toenails…

Seriously Creepy

This really makes me wonder who comes up with these ideas and who would purchase one of these? I found a reference to these things on another blog that I read I had to post about it. Sick.

Wordless Wednesday

27 weeks

My day/rant

So what do I do all day now that I am not working? Well I starters I refuse to to get sucked into the world of soap operas. I made that mistake in my tween/teen years and do not wish to get into any again. It’s bad enough that I am addicted to Greys Anatomy, really like Private Practice and and I care for Gossip Girl. (Which I thought would be a flop, but so far so good) I am not a fan of court TV or talk shows I don’t care Who Your Baby(s) Daddy(s) is/are. I am a fan of a Baby Story on TLC. I have taken to watching it as I start my day. (Yes I sleep in past 10am, it will be years before I get to do this again). One thing I have noticed is that the newer shows have changed formats and now pretty much just show the hospital part and cuts to before/after interviews and a one month follow up after birth of the child. It isn’t a personal as it used to be.

Another thing I have noticed with the women on the show is how medicated these births are and how they don’t allow their bodies to do what they are naturally meant to do. Lets take yesterdays shows for example. Both women needed to be induced. The first woman’s water had broken or leaked so she was going in to be induced. The second was induced because her doctor had been with her from the beginning of her pregnancy (as most doctors are) and felt she was ready to deliver. There was no mention of fetal distress, going past her due date etc. I couldn’t see one sound medical reason for her to be induced and seemed to be done out of convenience. The thing that bugged me about both of these women that as soon as they were admitted to hospital neither one of them was up walking around or sitting up or using gravity to their advantage to dilate. They climbed up on their perch (bed) and lay there. And of course at the first glimpse of pain in comes the anesthesiologist with his needle to perform the epidural. Of course these women will need the aide of drugs oxytocin/pitocin to be induced if there not willing to do any of the work themselves. Now I am not lashing out on people who use drugs during labor I will most likely myself however, I believe that laboring women (with no complications during their pregnancy) should let their body do the work naturally before giving into the drugs. I know that if a women has been laboring for a long time and will not dilate that drugs may be the very thing needed to get her labor going but it shouldn’t be turned to as a 1st option. I believe that labor is way over medicated today and c-sections seem to be handed out like Halloween candy. This is one of the reasons why I chose to have a midwife versus a doctor perform my prenatal care and delivery. I still plan on having a hospital birth in the event that complications arise and for peace of mind.

Back to topic of my post What do I do all day? More on that later. Dinner is nearly done and needs to be checked. Scott and I have our second prenatal class tonight.

Saturday Night

It’s 10:30 on Saturday night and I am sitting at home alone. I had better get used to this. I originally started this blog out of loneliness and boredom as my man is in the navy and sailed a lot, I had just moved to be with him and knew nobody. It is almost the same now. I had one good friend who happened to be the girlfriend of of one of Scott’s friends and he got posted on the other side of the country. Bye-bye friend. My fiance will now be know as Scott. It makes things a lot easier. I sort of made became friends with a girl from work but I am not sure where that’s going. Is not that I don’t have friends they just all happen to live on the mainland where I hail from. It only happens to be a 95 min ferry ride away so I go home more often than not on the weekends (or I did) now it is becoming more annoying to travel being pregnant. Or people will come and visit me. I am trying to stay home more to plant some roots which never seems to happen. I haven’t plugged into an activity or group and I have been here 10 months. There are a lot of navy wives around here once the weather is nicer hopefully I will meet some. Their is a couple next door about our age with an infant so we will see if anything will happen with that. It seems that I just got back from being away and now they are.

As of late things on my mind are:

-Getting this place organized

– Painting the nursery

– Ordering the nursery furniture

We found out today that painting the nursery will be a lot more painful than originally thought. As we have some sort of oil based paint that is shiny we have to take sand paper to the wall to scuff it up, use an oil type primer (which apparently stinks like crap) and apply 2 coats of paint. I have never really decorated a room so it will be a fun little project. When else will I get to take sand paper to a wall?

As for baby furniture I am undecided at this point as to what I really want. I have always thought natural was the way to go, but this antique black crib is really posh… But the price isn’t. I will probably go for something more like this but I will order it from Wal-Mart where to price is about $130 cheaper than Sears for the exact same thing. They just do not have the selection that Sears does or Wal-Mart in the U.S. I am tempted to order my crib from and pick it up across the border, but that isn’t as feasible then I will have to pay duty on top of it. The prices are so much cheaper though. I bought the baby bedding set down there and it was so much more cheaper especially with the Canadian dollar doing as well as it has.

Well I am going to get going and do something useful like organize my toiletries in the bedroom and have a hot bath as my back is aching. The joys of being pregnant. So far as a housewife, I suck.

The Test

I was reading this blog and a really good question was posed. How did you find out you were pregnant? I thought it made for a good post rather than a comment. My boyfriend then, now fiance and I were trying to get pregnant and it was a little overwhelming as how fast it actually happened. I went off of the pill in the beginning of June and we half heartedly tried. He is in the navy and was sailing, in on the weekends so it really he was only around for one of my fertile days. It didnt’t happen that month and albeit I was disappointed I was slightly relieved I thought it would take anywhere from 6 months to a year. It didn’t stop me from taking a pregnancy test as my period was a few days late but I felt just like I  normally do when I get my period so I knew I wasn’t pregnant. In the next month we thought maybe we would consider alternate methods of birth control as we thought maybe we should wait as we were kind of a little freaked out out the thought of parenthood. I looked on the calender I knew the week to avoid relations to getting pregnant but who knew that my sex drive would in overdrive after being on the pill for 8 1/2 years. Needless to say we didn’t avoid relations that week and I am currently 27 weeks pregnant.

I think my breasts started hurting right away but I figured it was just PMS as I usually get that before my period. I was also very tired but we were on vacation 4 times zones away in a place that is more hot and humid than I am used to so I figured that was why I was tired. My period was 3 days late and I thought nothing of it as it was the month before. We flew home on a Sunday evening and before we left Nova Scotia I thought of getting a pregnancy test but I didn’t as I really didn’t think I was so I didn’t. When we got home our friends picked us up and my friend T and I went out  as a farewell for her as her and boyfriend moved clear across the country. (This happens when you make friends with people int he military, their wives, girlfriends etc.) So the Monday morning after (A holiday) I think it was day 36 I decided I should take a test as my period was quite late expecting it to be negative. So many times I have taken tests over the years, thinking I was pregnant or to be sure I wasn’t I honestly thought this wouldn’t be any different. (As my boyfriend would often be out at sea I wasn’t always diligent with taking my pill as the risk wasn’t there if he wasn’t.) So I drove to the drug store in my jet lagged state looking at the name-brand test versus the generic brand figured I should save myself $10 and went for the generic brand drove home and waited a few hours to take it as my urine was very diluted from the copious amounts of water I had drank that morning.

So I did my usual, peed in a cup and inserted test into the cup of urine and started to count to 20 as the generic brands like you to leave the test immersed in urine for 20 seconds versus 5 seconds vs. the brand names. By the time I was at 13 seconds the little blue “+” sign (can be viewed here pee-test.jpg) was there and I was calling my boyfriend in a shaky voice and he knew by my tone of voice that it was it positive. We were both in shock that it happened so soon I kept saying “Holy S***” in disbelief over and over again. He said he felt nauseous and needed to lie down. And that’s how it happened. I left the stick on the bathroom counter and went back to look at it throughout the day to stare at the little “+” sign as a reminder and to get used the idea of being mother. Now I have 13 weeks or so to go give or take. Which is still hard to believe and there is much to be done. Which will in the next few weeks.

I am back from my visit to my sisters happy to not have to be on a Greyhound bus for that long in the near future. I can now start my new role in life as a housewife. More on that later.

I am off to see my sister today. Which means I am taking a bus to the interior of BC on snow filled highways. Being unemployed gives me this option. I am currently at my father’s place in Vancouver about to embark on public transportation to the Greyhound station with an over packed suitcase and carry on. I have no one to drive me as my dad is out of town, my fiance went back home and any friend that could drive me, work schedule doesn’t coincide with Greyhound’s. I am now headed out into the rain. I am so glad that I brought me umbrella. If you ever travel to Vancouver, BC don’t leave home without it. And the weather forcast said it today would have variable sunshine. Bah!