My day/rant

So what do I do all day now that I am not working? Well I starters I refuse to to get sucked into the world of soap operas. I made that mistake in my tween/teen years and do not wish to get into any again. It’s bad enough that I am addicted to Greys Anatomy, really like Private Practice and and I care for Gossip Girl. (Which I thought would be a flop, but so far so good) I am not a fan of court TV or talk shows I don’t care Who Your Baby(s) Daddy(s) is/are. I am a fan of a Baby Story on TLC. I have taken to watching it as I start my day. (Yes I sleep in past 10am, it will be years before I get to do this again). One thing I have noticed is that the newer shows have changed formats and now pretty much just show the hospital part and cuts to before/after interviews and a one month follow up after birth of the child. It isn’t a personal as it used to be.

Another thing I have noticed with the women on the show is how medicated these births are and how they don’t allow their bodies to do what they are naturally meant to do. Lets take yesterdays shows for example. Both women needed to be induced. The first woman’s water had broken or leaked so she was going in to be induced. The second was induced because her doctor had been with her from the beginning of her pregnancy (as most doctors are) and felt she was ready to deliver. There was no mention of fetal distress, going past her due date etc. I couldn’t see one sound medical reason for her to be induced and seemed to be done out of convenience. The thing that bugged me about both of these women that as soon as they were admitted to hospital neither one of them was up walking around or sitting up or using gravity to their advantage to dilate. They climbed up on their perch (bed) and lay there. And of course at the first glimpse of pain in comes the anesthesiologist with his needle to perform the epidural. Of course these women will need the aide of drugs oxytocin/pitocin to be induced if there not willing to do any of the work themselves. Now I am not lashing out on people who use drugs during labor I will most likely myself however, I believe that laboring women (with no complications during their pregnancy) should let their body do the work naturally before giving into the drugs. I know that if a women has been laboring for a long time and will not dilate that drugs may be the very thing needed to get her labor going but it shouldn’t be turned to as a 1st option. I believe that labor is way over medicated today and c-sections seem to be handed out like Halloween candy. This is one of the reasons why I chose to have a midwife versus a doctor perform my prenatal care and delivery. I still plan on having a hospital birth in the event that complications arise and for peace of mind.

Back to topic of my post What do I do all day? More on that later. Dinner is nearly done and needs to be checked. Scott and I have our second prenatal class tonight.


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