Long Hour

It’s going to be a long hour. I just painted my toe nails in god only knows how long and it is going to take a miracle to not smudge them. In the summer I paint them more. In the winter I don’t as nobody really gets to see them. Unless I am doing something that requires me to where opened toed shoes… And this weekend does. I have already smudged my toes 2x. And I am just siting at the computer surfing and reading blogs and uploading photos. I really do need one of those toe separator things. A pen lid just doesn’t cut it.

My toes

I have now shared with you my feet. Oh I can’t wait till I can bend down farther and do a better job. I needed the aid of box while sitting in chair to accomplish these horrible toes.

I am doing my best to kill time here. I still have to pack. I am headed to Vancouver tonight for the weekend. I will finally have a social life. One of my good friends is moving away this week so were having a farewell bash for her. This means copious amounts of drinking on their parts which means my sober pregnant ass will be taken advantage playing the role of DD. Now my only dilemma is what to wear?

I like going to the bar in a large group of friends and I like to dance. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a pregnant women going to the bar to dance and have fun. Some people automatically assume that because a pregnant women is an establishment that serves liquor late at night she must be partaking. Why can’t I dance and have fun? For the most part I don’t have the desire or energy to put the effort into getting ready but once in awhile I do. When I was first pregnant I went to a nightclub with a friend we were in a bathroom talking about my being pregnant and some drunk chick was like “Shouldn’t you be at home nurturing your baby?” To which I replied “I am not drinking, I am not smoking, Why can’t I dance and have fun?” She thought about it and said something like “True enough.” I am not doing anything wrong, if anything I am getting some much needed exercise. (Side note most nightclubs and bars in BC are smoke free and the ones I usually go to are.)

Anyways back to what should I wear? My options are limited here. I wish I had bought this really stretchy pair of skinny jeans which would’ve easily seen me through till now and would’ve looked so cute tucked into a pair boots…  I can ponder this while not smudging my toenails…


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