What is society coming to? This story about a “Teen [who] alleges she was assaulted by Victoria police” and all the media attention that it is receiving really pisses me. To sum it up some little snot nosed teenager gets drunk, gets caught being drunk in public, is thrown in the drunk tank by police and is restrained for 4 hours in a padded cell. Three years after the fact her parents decide to sue the Victoria Police Department and show little snippets of her on the news being handcuffed and her legs tethered by a piece of nylon. I have seen interviews of her crying to the new reporter how she was humilated  and her rights were violated as she was only a little 100 lb 15 year old and blah blah blah cry me a freakin’ river.

The media is turning this into a bloody sob story. No mention that she was underage, drunk in public and uncooperative. with police at one point. I am sure the VPD acted according to protocol. So a she was handcuffed for 4 hours and her legs tethered to a door. In the video released I don’t see how she was abused or mistreated. As far as I am concerned if your drunk enough to not handle yourself in public and UNDERAGE you should be thrown in the drunk tank. According to this article her parents weren’t around. What were her consequences after the fact? Why wasn’t she charged for being drunk in public or the person who got the liquor for her? As far as I am concerned all her parents want some quick money and are very greedy. This story doesn’t warrant national media attention nor to clog up the the courts system (albeit it is civil court) wasting resources for people that really need it.

The media and society is so quick to judge the police who were only doing their job, yet when there is an emergency who does society call? It isn’t a good time to be a police officer in Canada in the wake of the whole tasering incident at the Vancouver airport, who are we to condemn and judge the men and women who risk their lives for our safety for us everyday?


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