Where have I been??

Scott and I spontaneously decided to make a spare of the moment road trip up to Calgary to see his parents. (Who I shall refer to as in-laws even though were not married.) I am no hurry to make that drive again anytime soon. We drove straight to Calgary in one day and back in one day from Victoria. Not fun, especially when I’m 5 weeks to due date, and the baby has dropped and/or gotten bigger because my lap now has a constant companion when I sit. The trip was fun albeit brief I got to see my best friend who moved up there recently and another friend that lives there so it made the drive all the more worth it; but my back will tell you differently. I would love to tell you more, but my usually sore back is quite sated after a wonderful massage; a state in which it would love to stay for as long as possible.  


I am a bad blogger. I didn’t manage to keep up with NaBloPoMo not even write weekly at one point. My excuse? I am lazy. I shouldn’t be, seeing as nothing disappoints me more when I go to my favorite blogs to see that they haven’t been updated for awhile. I am amazed at the some of the posts that these women manage to to write. Impressive. I just write about the usual daily stuff that comes to mind.

Lets take today for example. So far I have managed to to get up with a cold induced headache, attempt to make myself go to work, give the cat a scratch behind the ears and walk in cat puke. After cleaning that up I didn’t think going to work was such a good idea. Had I not gotten out of bed and just gone right back to sleep, I would’ve had a nice deep sleep that I was awoken from by the alarm. But then the cat puke still would’ve welcomed me me when I ventured out of the bedroom. (My fiance being long gone to work by now) So I cleaned up cat puke, noted that maybe we had fed her too many treats last night had a glass of juice and went back to bed. Bad idea. I start to feel nauseous my self, not just the cat. I figured it was my sinuses so I decided to go into the steaming bathroom to steam out my sinuses. Nope not that, I myself got sick. This is the 1st time I have thrown up since I have been pregnant. Realizing by the lack of substance aside from orange juice that I must have gotten sick because I had an empty stomach and I had not eaten dinner at all last night. I went to the doctor’s after getting home and proceeded to snack here and there, bad idea. So I toasted an English muffin with nothing on it, had a few bites of a banana and some water watched a little of Regis and Kelly and went back to bed. I haven’t been able to get back to sleep. Which I know is pissing the cat off. Everytime I get up out of bed or adjust the bed she gives me this look that says “Piss off, I need my beauty sleep.”

I must say I love having the cat a around. She is a little princess and is tiny to boot. She is only 7.3 lbs. She hardly eats. But she does love her treats. I can’t go into the kitchen without her running in and meowing her pretty little head off. Last night I was getting myself a Benadryl ( I have been told by the pharmacist this is safe to take during pregnancy) and I dropped it on the floor because I was laughing so hard while trying to get it out of it’s child/adult proof packaging and the stupid cat would’ve eaten the thing had I not stopped her. Because of this, I gave her more treats. (I know what your thinking, what kind of mother will I be if I can’t say even no to my cat) I will not indulge her anymore, as she will probably be sick and I will be the one cleaning it up.

Well today’s post has proven to be about nothing and my cat. I think I will go clean the bathroom now. We are moving one week from today. And I can’t stand to let the bathroom go yet another day even though it will have to cleaned when we vacate our apartment. I am not to thrilled to be moving right before Christmas; however I would rather be in the new place before Christmas than after.

More Victoria Tourism at its finest


This is some crazy French Canadian or Eastern European lady that decided to set up shop on Government St. with all of her “magic cards”…  I not sure of her nationality as she would shout so loud “Come and try my cards” or something to that effect… she posed prettily for undoubtedly because she probably thought I was tourist would get some $ outta me. She posed, I snapped, I left. This is the norm for me on my lunch break and after work. I work in the heart of the tourist area and it is quite amusing.

I walked through Chinatown on my way home every day which is filled with tourists and usually someone of the Asian decent and on Friday I actually saw someone taking a picture of a fire hydrant! Not just of it, but zoomed in on the top. WTF? Of al the things you could take pics of: Darth Vader playing the violin (he is quite known from what my friends on the mainland tell me) or crazy magic lady why would anyone wanna a pic of fire hydrant? It must be the authentic Chinese fire hydrant that is only found here in Victoria, BC because as we all know that Victoria is known for it’s authentic Chinese fire hydrants along with it’s beautiful views and British like feel. …

I had the opportunity to spend the better part of the day with baby niece on Saturday. She has grown so much over the last few months I can’t believe it. And she is such a good baby too. I had her for 5 hours and not once did she cry to fed or change, I had to anticipate this. She fussed slightly but that was it! I got her portraits done for which she was fully cooperative with the photographer and I took her to 2 malls! She slept in the car and was awake and pleasant and smiling in the stroller for the most part. She is so cute, I just lover her to pieces.  I fall in love with her more every time I see her.  shaylajuly.jpg



Me packing…

This is me in the middle of packing for Portland. I am off to meet my boyfriend in Portland on Friday and I am leaving tomorrow night after work. In the midst of me packing I have decided to randomly write a post. I don’t feel bad for my delinquency seeing that I don’t have an audience (yet…) If there are any silent readers out there, please send a comment my way it is good for my ego and will certainly inspire more posts.

I have been very busy for the last 6 weekends or so it seems I go to Vancouver every Friday after work to see my friend’s and family and of course the newest addition to my family. My niece! She is 5 weeks old and already 8 1/2 lbs and she is sure getting chubby. (My boyfriend has been sailing a lot so going home on weekends passes my time)

3 Weeks:

Shalya5 weeks: Cute baby!5 weeks:Right in your face!Back to 3 weeks. 3 weeksBack to the packing. I always over pack and I try not to, I really do! But it never works that way. A trip back to Vancouver only warrants one Lululemon bag thrown over my shoulder as I will not lug around a suitcase on the ferry. But a trip to Portland warrants a little carry on and a Lululemon bag. Oh and whatever I decide to throw in the car. So far I have packed 5 shirts or so, white capris cargos, 2 pairs of jeans,  a jean skirt and some gym clothes (in the unlikely event I decide to exercise! Ha! It has been weeks since I went to the gym…) Puma running shoes, heals, and a bathing suit (in the unlikely event I go swimming, don’t think that’s going to happen seeing as the weather will probably prevent this from happening) and my skivvies. Tomorrow I will do my make-up, toiletries, hair products whatever else I use as part of my morning routine. I am sure that I can get away with one bag; seeing as I will probably only where the one pair of jeans, capris pants and a tank top or 2… I am only going for 3 nights. My packing is just as organized as my posts. I pack a little, go to PC to email boyfriend seeing if I need to bring anything dressy, pack some more take laundry out of dryer fold what I want packed, put wet laundry in dryer… it is going to be a long night!

I’m tired…

I feel as though I haven’t accomplished a lot this weekend… but I have. I am not in the mood to write a post but if I am going to commit to this blog I must write 2-3 times per week according to my rules… This weekend my boyfriend is out at sea so I have the place to myself. Normally I would head home for the weekend, but seeing as the last 4 weekends I have either been back home or away with my boyfriend I decided to stay home (my new home) for the weekend. I have been busy running around all week trying to accumulate as much baby clothes that I can for my sister. Baby Shayla is due on May 12, and my sister is in the hospital and can’t do any of this for herself. So far I have gotten: (approximately)

– 10-12 Onesies
– 10-13 Sleepers
– 1 t-shirt
– 1 pair of jeans
– 6 receiving blankets
– 1 blanket
– 2-3 outfits
– 3 jumpers
– 2 pacifers
– 1 jean dress

I am sure there is more, but I have lost count. I have managed to cram it all into a suitcase for the next time I am over there or when she calls me to tell me that she is in labor which ever comes 1st. I am worried that when she does call me to tell me that she is in labor that I won’t make it on time seeing as I have to catch a ferry that has a 95 minute crossing time and that the last one leaves at 9pm and doesn’t start running until 7am the next morning, that I will miss it all. This is her second baby so it could go quick… I just hope she goes into labor when I am not at work and not between 9pm-7am.

One of my friend’s Faisa, came over yesterday for the night and we had great night of nacho’s with home made guacamole and salsa and chocolate mint martini’s. (My own invention which are quite yummy if you like chocolate mint ice cream.)

I wish I was at pub right about now with my nearest and dearest drinking buddies. The Canucks just won 2-1 over Dallas in the 1st OT. There is nothing like playoffs when your home team is in. I am not a self proclaimed Canucks fan, and I am quite surprised that they won, because year after year they keep disappointing me and any other half hearted fan or Vancouverite that gives a damn about hockey. I am kicking myself for not going to home this weekend it is prime drinking time. Well if they manage to stick around for a round or two maybe I will make it back home to watch game at one of my local watering holes.

Another random post (or not)

I find that lately I have become somewhat addicted to blogging. I am actually thinking in blog, and what to blog about. Does this ever stop? I wonder if I will be diligent and keep this up or if it is just another novelty that will soon wear off. Only time will tell. When I was 16 I started a diary, I diligently wrote in it every day in January 1999, filling out everything that I did that day, then it became every other day, week, then month then months. I never did fill it up and I have no idea where this diary is today. I hope that this blog doesn’t end up like this diary.

Today was an interesting day that consisted of me arguing with my father, getting my eyebrows and upper lip waxed and spending an hour in the car with my dad while he drove me to the ferry. I seriously considered taking public transit and doubling my travel time to avoid this, as I would prefer peaceful bus ride and my book to my dad. I love my father, but there is nobody out there quite like him (except maybe me seeing as I have half of his genetic make up) if you have met him you can attest to this. He is like a grown child and half the time I feel that I am the parent and he is the child.

He raised me as a single parent from the time I was 6 and he did the best he could, and is the kindest most loving person on the world but he also drives me up the wall most of time. He never did remarry or get a proper girlfriend, and I thought I was to blame for this as I wasn’t an easy child in my eyes (plus I had wrapped around my finger since birth) but it is just him and his eccentric personality. If a woman takes the slightest interest in him, he latches on like a leech. I have tried to give him advice (the same advice that his friends give him) but he never listens and wonders why he ends up heart broken.

My dads latest interest is a 20-something nomadic hippie. He is 50 for crying out loud! He met her while traveling in the interior a few years back and has kept in touch with via email. I have met her; she stayed with him in February on her way back from Asia for one night. My first thought she is nice, but a flake. Can’t stay in one place too long, is estranged from both her parents … I think she sees him as a father figure. He doesn’t know her real age he figures she is a few years older than me. Turns out I worked with her a few years back at a call center but I don’t remember her and she doesn’t remember me (There were at least 500-700 people in the place and it was more of a sweatshop.) I am all for him finding a girlfriend even if she is half is age, but someone who will love him and not break his heart and is not looking for a father figure. My dad is passive and easily taken advantage of. This isn’t why we argued, it was over the fact that he wanted me to give him gas $ so he could drive me to the ferry and I would rather take the bus (It is a lot cheaper). I also was upset over the fact that he hasn’t gotten me anything for my 25th birthday and I will get my present later when he can afford it. My dad isn’t very good with $ and lives paycheck to paycheck like most normal people, including myself. My beef is that I spent a lot of my own $ last year to throw him a party for his 50th birthday and my friends and I prepared all the food ourselves. I organized, planned and sent out invitations and ensured that I had enough $ set aside for this milestone event in his life so that he would know that he was loved and alone. As he often feels lonely as he doesn’t have a significant other in his life. What do I get from him? A card, a phone call and excuses as to why he couldn’t afford to get me anything? I love him, but I am thinking if I was able to save and set aside $ for him and prioritize my needs why couldn’t he do the same for me? His excuse: I moved out so he is tight for $. (Me living at home helped him, I wasn’t some 20-something mooch living rent free off of her parent(s). I have paid rent since I was 19, even when I was attending college fulltime working at a thankless minimum wage job. He said he would never charge me rent if I was in school, but we I can leave that for another post.)

I guess this is more a rant on my dad, he doesn’t read this nor does he know of its existence so he will never come across this and I should stop. It is just putting me in a sour mood. I have valid reasons as to why I have a love/hate relationship with my father but will save that. I am going to be positive and be happy that I have a boyfriend that loves me and an impending job that I am almost certain I will love compared to my current job. If you haven’t figured out by now that I am a pessimist you now know. : ) I am a glass half empty kinda girl; but I try to have an optimistic outlook on life. Thus far it hasn’t gotten me very far.