My Boy

I had a baby boy on April 1 2008. My water broke at 1pm on Sunday March 31st. I never went into labor on my own so I ended up being induced and had him with the help of morphine, nitrous oxide and an epidural. After 42.5 hours from the time my water broke, this is is my boy.



Another Post

It’s probably time for another update. I can’t believe March will here tomorrow! And I can’t believe that I have only 6 short weeks to go until my due date! Where has the time gone?? I think I have most everything I need for this baby. There are a few things I still would like:

-a  used bassinet as the baby won’t be in it all that long (if worse comes to worse I’ll just use the Pak ‘N Play)

– More crib sheets [as cheap Circo ones I bought at Target do not fit the crib mattress, (which is a standard size crib mattress) I have come to love Target especially since we don’t have them in Canada, but I am not so sure on this Circo brand]

– accessories for the nursery

– more diapers

– breast pump

– bottles (not sure what kind to go with so far I am doing glass as all the stories I am hearing about chemicals leaking into the milk)

– more receiving blankets

I am sure there is more but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

There is an Alan Jackson concert I want to go to on May 2 in Vancouver but I don’t know how feasible it is seeing that I will have a baby that will be between a week and month old, how sleep deprived I will and how I feel about leaving it that young. It wouldn’t be a big deal to leave it with my dad for a few hours but I don’t know… probably will not happen. 

Well I must start some daily tasks and like any true Canadian I am thankful to have some Tim Horton’s in me to perk me up. Thank God Roll up the rim is back! I am already 1 for 2.

Yesterday Scott and I went to out 33 week ultrasound and this kid that is residing in my body is estimated to be 4 lbs 11 oz! That seems to be a little on the big side and is making wonder how big s/he will be when it is time for me to bring him or her into this world. I know this baby has a lot more growing to do and I hope I am up for the task. I do not want a c-section. I have only gained 21 lbs too! I know this is an estimate, and not too far off the this chart however it just seems big to me. I hope that this baby is just long and not round. Scott is tall and was 21 or 22 inches when he was born so I am hoping this baby is just taking after his or her daddy.

I am starting to get stretch marks, which I had been hoping to avoid. I do put a coco butter cream on my tummy 2X a day but I guess I just don’t have elastic skin. There is one product that I wanted to buy on-line that another blogger recommended but doesn’t ship this type of product to Canada! WTF? Nor is it on and the manufacturer doesn’t ship to Canada either. Mama Mio is certainly losing a lot of business.

A good way to piss off a pregnant woman:

Is when her partner/husband/fiance/boyfriend/ turns down the water heater without telling her (Again!) so that there isn’t enough hot water for a hot bath which means a luke warm bath (only to be discovered when getting into the bath, which started off hot when she ran the bath to being with) equals one pissed off mama who is very uncomfortable with constant back pain and is limping due to a painful charlie horse in her calf for the last 2 days. Not to mention the sleep deprivation and and belly ache due to constipation. That is one sure way to do it. Which renders her unable to relax thus pissing her off even further in the midst of her discomfort.

Pie! It’s whats for Breakfast! … And random ramblings


Now who wouldn’t want to eat this every day for breakfast? I know I certainly do! In fact I couldn’t just have apple pie on its own, it had to be A-la-mode too. (Give me some credit it was with Light Vanilla containing a 1/3 less calories than your other leading brand of ice cream!) But then that would mean that I would have to make this wonderful creation 3X a week or more and that takes more effort than I am willing to put in. I made Scott an apple pie for Valentines Day which happens to be one of his favorites deserts but requires a lot of effort so I don’t make it that often. I don’t mind it either but I hate the prep work of pealing, coring and cutting the apples. I just couldn’t help myself to a piece for breakfast the other day.

As of today, I am 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Time is sure going by fast. The baby is between 3.75 and 4 lbs according to some websites I have read. Which is hard to believe. So far I have gained roughly 20 lbs. I am almost at the home stretch now. I am trying to eat more healthily, easier said than done considering the title of this post. I don’t want to gain a butt load of weight in the last 2 months… (I am thinking I will most likely be going over my due date considering the average woman pregnant with her 1st child will go over by 7-10 days.)

Since yesterday I have been hungry all the time! I dont’ know what it is, maybe it’s because I woke up earlier than usual and started my day earlier and had a lighter breakfast. I only had half a bowl of cereal as I ran out of Bran Flakes and a cup of yogurt. I hope the baby hasn’t dropped yet it seems like it could be a little early for this yet, would explain my increased appetite. I went shopping for a few items at Safeway, I came home with Bran Flakes, prunes, prune juice (sick, I prefer prunes) strawberries and bananas.  Needless to say I have been constipated which I am trying to cure/prevent. The joys of pregnancy! At least I haven’t gotten hemorrhoids…. yet. Now that I have written this I have surely jinxed myself and sometime in the near future a post titled “Heartburn and Hemorrhoids” will ensue. My biggest complaints and discomforts of pregnancy so far are:

-Waking up every morning congested

– the almost never ending heartburn

– the back pain

– being emotionally unstable

This is all I can think about at the moment my congested head will not allow me to think. I think I am going to go ward it off by a steaming shower and try to do something outdoors as we seem to be having a sunny day in February here on the Wet Coast.

Wordless Wednesday


Peanut at 28 weeks and 6 days.


My ass is numb. That was all I could think/not feel my last hour of work from sitting in a chair most of the day.  And here I sit again to surf the internet and write this post. I am beyond a horrible blogger with infrequent posts. This is my place to express myself and why I set up this blog, yet I don’t post as much. I think of great posts at the most inopportune times, while drifting off to sleep, while walking to work, at work etc. I thought of a great one this morning and I lost it… Well here I am expressing myself.

I am very stressed out at the moment. 2 1/2 weeks ago in a 24-hour period we had some life changes take place.

-We adopted a cat from the local SPCA

-I found out my contract wasn’t being renewed at work

-We found out we were moving as a military house became available

Most of these are good except the work thing as I was counting on making X amount of $ before I went on maternity leave in March and I don’t know who wants to hire a 6 month plus pregnant women who will be going on mat leave. Seems like a waste of their time and mine. This means I will be making 45% less than I anticipated for 2 months as I will be going on EI (Employment Insurance) earlier than I had intended. This also means my claim is only good for 52 weeks (which normally starts when the baby is born) and I will be going back to work (where I don’t know) when my baby is approximately 9 months old; which means I will miss a whole bunch of milestones in that 3 month period.

Our cat is a blessing and I am so happy to have her.

Moving right before Christmas??? Well moving period is stressful enough added to this time of year (I hear the suicide rates go up this time of year; I wonder why?) which is also stressful enough itsself. Not to mention the pressure to buy and wrap presents, and make an effort for everything else that goes along with this time of year. I couldn’t be more stressed. And let’s not forget the pregnancy, the cold I have, and the less than ideal working situation I have with a not pleasant co-worker. This is not making for a fun Christmas.

I don’t blog about a lot of stuff in my life regularly; which you know if you stop by here now and then. We chose to move before Christmas as opposed to after as we both want to be settled before Christmas instead of having to move on Dec 31st/Jan 1st. We are leaving our one bedroom condo for a 3 bedroom townhouse the extra room will be nice to have after living in our current place. So don’t be surprised if I am not around much in the next week or so.

I will be creating a Flickr account as a favorite blogger of mine had pictures of children stolen and the only way in which to view them is to have an account. I don’t like idea of Flickr as it seems like a lot of work (I don’t know this for a fact, it is just an extra account to maintain) however, it is a reason to upload a bunch of scenic shots of places I have vacationed and of the beautiful place where I live British Columbia. You won’t be seeing any headshots of me, as I want to remain anonymous. I am undecided if I will post pictures of my baby once s/he is born.

Happy Weekend to all of you! I am off to a weekend of packing and Christmas shopping.  

I am a bad blogger. I didn’t manage to keep up with NaBloPoMo not even write weekly at one point. My excuse? I am lazy. I shouldn’t be, seeing as nothing disappoints me more when I go to my favorite blogs to see that they haven’t been updated for awhile. I am amazed at the some of the posts that these women manage to to write. Impressive. I just write about the usual daily stuff that comes to mind.

Lets take today for example. So far I have managed to to get up with a cold induced headache, attempt to make myself go to work, give the cat a scratch behind the ears and walk in cat puke. After cleaning that up I didn’t think going to work was such a good idea. Had I not gotten out of bed and just gone right back to sleep, I would’ve had a nice deep sleep that I was awoken from by the alarm. But then the cat puke still would’ve welcomed me me when I ventured out of the bedroom. (My fiance being long gone to work by now) So I cleaned up cat puke, noted that maybe we had fed her too many treats last night had a glass of juice and went back to bed. Bad idea. I start to feel nauseous my self, not just the cat. I figured it was my sinuses so I decided to go into the steaming bathroom to steam out my sinuses. Nope not that, I myself got sick. This is the 1st time I have thrown up since I have been pregnant. Realizing by the lack of substance aside from orange juice that I must have gotten sick because I had an empty stomach and I had not eaten dinner at all last night. I went to the doctor’s after getting home and proceeded to snack here and there, bad idea. So I toasted an English muffin with nothing on it, had a few bites of a banana and some water watched a little of Regis and Kelly and went back to bed. I haven’t been able to get back to sleep. Which I know is pissing the cat off. Everytime I get up out of bed or adjust the bed she gives me this look that says “Piss off, I need my beauty sleep.”

I must say I love having the cat a around. She is a little princess and is tiny to boot. She is only 7.3 lbs. She hardly eats. But she does love her treats. I can’t go into the kitchen without her running in and meowing her pretty little head off. Last night I was getting myself a Benadryl ( I have been told by the pharmacist this is safe to take during pregnancy) and I dropped it on the floor because I was laughing so hard while trying to get it out of it’s child/adult proof packaging and the stupid cat would’ve eaten the thing had I not stopped her. Because of this, I gave her more treats. (I know what your thinking, what kind of mother will I be if I can’t say even no to my cat) I will not indulge her anymore, as she will probably be sick and I will be the one cleaning it up.

Well today’s post has proven to be about nothing and my cat. I think I will go clean the bathroom now. We are moving one week from today. And I can’t stand to let the bathroom go yet another day even though it will have to cleaned when we vacate our apartment. I am not to thrilled to be moving right before Christmas; however I would rather be in the new place before Christmas than after.

No impressed… at all

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the maternity ward where I will most likely give birth, and I am not at all impressed in the slightest. It started Saturday night with some short but sharp abdominal pains in he bottom of my torso, which I didn’t bother to pay much attention to. I felt them again in the middle of the night and Saturday morning and my vision was distorted (I was seeing yellow transparent blobs on the wall and in my bubble bath, which I imagine a lot of people saw in the 60’s and 70’s) so I figured a trip to the walk in clinic was warranted. I wasn’t about go to the hospital for a little pain. The doctor who saw me took my blood pressure 110/70 and poked and prodded my belly, had a listen with his stethoscope not a Doppler and told me to go to the hospital straight to the maternity ward because he doesn’t do Obstetrics and doesn’t want to reassure me… pretty much he was passing the buck. So my fiance and I make the drive and I go to the reception and ask her where maternity is and I am told to go to emergency because I am not far enough along (20 weeks is the cut off) and I was 19 weeks and 3 days yesterday… At the emerg registration there are a few people before me, an old lady that look/sounded near death in a stretcher being dealt with my paramedics so I was thinking screw this is a waste of my time. I asked one nurse if I could go to maternity and she said is should as they might take me and when I get up there the charge nurse says they will not take me as I am not far enough along and to call my doctor (I have a midwife) and to go back to emergency. I am thinking she can kiss my ass. At this point I am upset because what if I was in premature labor ands because the dumb bitch denied me care I lost my baby. If she is around when I do go into labor, I will make it a point to go out of my way to not be so kind to her.

This isn’t the kind of care I expect, no empathy whatsoever, she was more matter of fact and rules are rules. it’s a bloody hospital for crying out loud. When I got back to emergency, there were 5 or 6 old people lying in stretchers waiting to be admitted. ( I live in old people capital of the province I swear to god) There was no bloody way I way I was waiting for that so I called my midwife (which I should have done in the 1st place) who happened to be at the hospital seeing another patient. We decided to meet at her office as my pains had subsided and she could evaluate me there… I never wanted to go to the hospital but the damn doctor at the walk-in clinic told me I needed a complete fetal assessment and exam… My midwife just brought out the Doppler listened to the baby’s heartbeat and told me that the pains I was having was probably a bladder infection or random pregnancy pains which are common and gave me so lab work to do… She also to my BP and listened to the baby for a little awhile… I should have just called her first. I know based on the lovely empathetic nurses at hospital (the only one with a maternity ward in this city) that that’s not where I want to give birth. My fiance suggested a home birth which is an option however, I want to be near the pain meds/epidural/laughing gas should I need them and in case a c-section is needed and I don’t feel comfortable giving birth at home my 1st time around, no matter how positive the atmosphere may be I am not comfortable with it. I will either be giving birth here or hopefully however unlikely I will go into labor in Vancouver where there is plethora of hospitals to choose from which I know quite well.

So after all this talk I have images of Peanut whose gender is still not known.


I have gotten my ultrasound results and everything is normal except Peanut’s kidneys are measuring slightly bigger than they should be so I have a another ultrasound at 33 weeks to check this out. My midwife says that this is common and not worry and most likely be fine at the next ultrasound, so I am not worrying.

Heartburn and headaches…

Written Friday Nov 2nd 2007 9:49pm PST NaBloPoMo Round 2

Is what pregnancy can pretty much be summed up to at this point. When I eat, I get heartburn, when I drink I get heartburn, when I sleep I get heartburn. Enough said. As for the headaches they are sinus related, so far and I suffer. These sinus headaches due to the pressure are usually accompanied by nausea and isn’t anything I am not used to but it wasn’t anything my little brown pill friend Advil Cold & Sinus couldn’t take care. Ah the joys of being pregnant. To add to my discomfort the lower back pain is starting in…

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