Yesterday Scott and I went to out 33 week ultrasound and this kid that is residing in my body is estimated to be 4 lbs 11 oz! That seems to be a little on the big side and is making wonder how big s/he will be when it is time for me to bring him or her into this world. I know this baby has a lot more growing to do and I hope I am up for the task. I do not want a c-section. I have only gained 21 lbs too! I know this is an estimate, and not too far off the this chart however it just seems big to me. I hope that this baby is just long and not round. Scott is tall and was 21 or 22 inches when he was born so I am hoping this baby is just taking after his or her daddy.

I am starting to get stretch marks, which I had been hoping to avoid. I do put a coco butter cream on my tummy 2X a day but I guess I just don’t have elastic skin. There is one product that I wanted to buy on-line that another blogger recommended but doesn’t ship this type of product to Canada! WTF? Nor is it on and the manufacturer doesn’t ship to Canada either. Mama Mio is certainly losing a lot of business.


Wordless Wednesday


Peanut at 28 weeks and 6 days.

The Test

I was reading this blog and a really good question was posed. How did you find out you were pregnant? I thought it made for a good post rather than a comment. My boyfriend then, now fiance and I were trying to get pregnant and it was a little overwhelming as how fast it actually happened. I went off of the pill in the beginning of June and we half heartedly tried. He is in the navy and was sailing, in on the weekends so it really he was only around for one of my fertile days. It didnt’t happen that month and albeit I was disappointed I was slightly relieved I thought it would take anywhere from 6 months to a year. It didn’t stop me from taking a pregnancy test as my period was a few days late but I felt just like I  normally do when I get my period so I knew I wasn’t pregnant. In the next month we thought maybe we would consider alternate methods of birth control as we thought maybe we should wait as we were kind of a little freaked out out the thought of parenthood. I looked on the calender I knew the week to avoid relations to getting pregnant but who knew that my sex drive would in overdrive after being on the pill for 8 1/2 years. Needless to say we didn’t avoid relations that week and I am currently 27 weeks pregnant.

I think my breasts started hurting right away but I figured it was just PMS as I usually get that before my period. I was also very tired but we were on vacation 4 times zones away in a place that is more hot and humid than I am used to so I figured that was why I was tired. My period was 3 days late and I thought nothing of it as it was the month before. We flew home on a Sunday evening and before we left Nova Scotia I thought of getting a pregnancy test but I didn’t as I really didn’t think I was so I didn’t. When we got home our friends picked us up and my friend T and I went out  as a farewell for her as her and boyfriend moved clear across the country. (This happens when you make friends with people int he military, their wives, girlfriends etc.) So the Monday morning after (A holiday) I think it was day 36 I decided I should take a test as my period was quite late expecting it to be negative. So many times I have taken tests over the years, thinking I was pregnant or to be sure I wasn’t I honestly thought this wouldn’t be any different. (As my boyfriend would often be out at sea I wasn’t always diligent with taking my pill as the risk wasn’t there if he wasn’t.) So I drove to the drug store in my jet lagged state looking at the name-brand test versus the generic brand figured I should save myself $10 and went for the generic brand drove home and waited a few hours to take it as my urine was very diluted from the copious amounts of water I had drank that morning.

So I did my usual, peed in a cup and inserted test into the cup of urine and started to count to 20 as the generic brands like you to leave the test immersed in urine for 20 seconds versus 5 seconds vs. the brand names. By the time I was at 13 seconds the little blue “+” sign (can be viewed here pee-test.jpg) was there and I was calling my boyfriend in a shaky voice and he knew by my tone of voice that it was it positive. We were both in shock that it happened so soon I kept saying “Holy S***” in disbelief over and over again. He said he felt nauseous and needed to lie down. And that’s how it happened. I left the stick on the bathroom counter and went back to look at it throughout the day to stare at the little “+” sign as a reminder and to get used the idea of being mother. Now I have 13 weeks or so to go give or take. Which is still hard to believe and there is much to be done. Which will in the next few weeks.

I am back from my visit to my sisters happy to not have to be on a Greyhound bus for that long in the near future. I can now start my new role in life as a housewife. More on that later.

Wordless Wednesday

I can’t believe this is my belly at 22 weeks and 5 days:


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Thursdays = Happy Day(s)

It’s Thursday which means it is my happy day as Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight. I officially have one week, 8 days counting today to September 27th which will the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. I have been looking forward to this for what seems like over 4 long months! And I have one week to go. As the credit’s flashed on the season premiere, I wasn’t thinking wow what a cliff hanger, but okay now how the hell do I get through the next 4 months?

I didn’t think that the finale left much to be desired and was rather predictbale, unlike the season finales for both seasons 1 and 2… There is not an introduction to a McDreamy’s estranged wife or hot McSteamy sex that left much to be desired. Anyone who has followed the show must have known that Meredith’s half sister Lexie would end up as a surgical intern at Seattle Grace ever since her other sister Molly mentioned Lexie from her hospital bed. I have high expectations for Season 4… I do not like to be let down especially now that I have millions of extra hormones running pumping through me for the next 29 weeks or so. September 27th actually is also extra special to me as it will be the start of my 12th week of pregnancy! That’s right I am harvesting a human life inside of me! I am 11 weeks today, which is a week shy of announcing it but I can’t keep it in any longer seeing as how it is consuming me! I am raging mess of hormones and I am wondering if it ever will get better? I don’t’ want complain too much, but I am tired all the time, I am forgetful, and I am constantly picking stupid fights with my boyfriend. I am beginning to wonder if he will stick with me all the way to the end of the road when the sleepless nights will begin. (he has been a trooper so far putting up with me! )To call it moodiness, is an understatement it is like PMS but 10x worse! But I don’t want to complain too much. I have 7 months for that. At this time, I would like to introduce you to my future son or daughter Peanut. This was at 6 weeks and 5 days.


The Eve of being a 1/4 Century old

I know that I have been a delinquent blogger, bad me, bad (as I slap my hand) in 20 minutes I will be 25 years old. I figured I should really post on such a monumental occasion. This will only happen once in my life time. I am truely my grandmother’s grand daugther. She used to hate revealing her age, and the older I get this is how I feel. I am going to be 24 year old for the next few years. Can’t rightly say how many years that will be, it really depends on how many fine lines I get in the next few years. At 24, I noticed them. I don’t know if this is natural pour moi, or if it has to do with the fact that I faked and baked for the last 2 years… I am reconsidering if I will continue to do this, this year. Last year I really tried to to tan my face as the rest of me was dark with my pale face, needless to say it looked a little funny and I want to try to perserve my youth as long as possible. So I may forego it this year.

My goals for 25 are to get a better job, (I took what I could get to move to be closer to my man) and to lose that nagging extra 10 lbs I managed to lose 3 years ago. As I sit here in my Seattle hotel room, I am ponderng what being 25 means, or to be 24 seeing on how you look at it. I have 2 interviews lined up for next week, and one is for the federal government job. So far 25 looks to be  off to a good start. I should go to bed and get my beauty sleep seeing as tomorrow will be a long day as I drag my boyfriend from store to store trying to find the best deals. This year he isn’t getting me anything but letting me drag his ass around on a mini shopping spree. Oh how I love him! For so many reasons!