Another Post

It’s probably time for another update. I can’t believe March will here tomorrow! And I can’t believe that I have only 6 short weeks to go until my due date! Where has the time gone?? I think I have most everything I need for this baby. There are a few things I still would like:

-a  used bassinet as the baby won’t be in it all that long (if worse comes to worse I’ll just use the Pak ‘N Play)

– More crib sheets [as cheap Circo ones I bought at Target do not fit the crib mattress, (which is a standard size crib mattress) I have come to love Target especially since we don’t have them in Canada, but I am not so sure on this Circo brand]

– accessories for the nursery

– more diapers

– breast pump

– bottles (not sure what kind to go with so far I am doing glass as all the stories I am hearing about chemicals leaking into the milk)

– more receiving blankets

I am sure there is more but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

There is an Alan Jackson concert I want to go to on May 2 in Vancouver but I don’t know how feasible it is seeing that I will have a baby that will be between a week and month old, how sleep deprived I will and how I feel about leaving it that young. It wouldn’t be a big deal to leave it with my dad for a few hours but I don’t know… probably will not happen. 

Well I must start some daily tasks and like any true Canadian I am thankful to have some Tim Horton’s in me to perk me up. Thank God Roll up the rim is back! I am already 1 for 2.


Me packing…

This is me in the middle of packing for Portland. I am off to meet my boyfriend in Portland on Friday and I am leaving tomorrow night after work. In the midst of me packing I have decided to randomly write a post. I don’t feel bad for my delinquency seeing that I don’t have an audience (yet…) If there are any silent readers out there, please send a comment my way it is good for my ego and will certainly inspire more posts.

I have been very busy for the last 6 weekends or so it seems I go to Vancouver every Friday after work to see my friend’s and family and of course the newest addition to my family. My niece! She is 5 weeks old and already 8 1/2 lbs and she is sure getting chubby. (My boyfriend has been sailing a lot so going home on weekends passes my time)

3 Weeks:

Shalya5 weeks: Cute baby!5 weeks:Right in your face!Back to 3 weeks. 3 weeksBack to the packing. I always over pack and I try not to, I really do! But it never works that way. A trip back to Vancouver only warrants one Lululemon bag thrown over my shoulder as I will not lug around a suitcase on the ferry. But a trip to Portland warrants a little carry on and a Lululemon bag. Oh and whatever I decide to throw in the car. So far I have packed 5 shirts or so, white capris cargos, 2 pairs of jeans,  a jean skirt and some gym clothes (in the unlikely event I decide to exercise! Ha! It has been weeks since I went to the gym…) Puma running shoes, heals, and a bathing suit (in the unlikely event I go swimming, don’t think that’s going to happen seeing as the weather will probably prevent this from happening) and my skivvies. Tomorrow I will do my make-up, toiletries, hair products whatever else I use as part of my morning routine. I am sure that I can get away with one bag; seeing as I will probably only where the one pair of jeans, capris pants and a tank top or 2… I am only going for 3 nights. My packing is just as organized as my posts. I pack a little, go to PC to email boyfriend seeing if I need to bring anything dressy, pack some more take laundry out of dryer fold what I want packed, put wet laundry in dryer… it is going to be a long night!

I am who I am

I still haven’t completely figured out my way around wordpress. I am trying to post my avatar picture in the sidebar, which I had thought that I had successfully uploaded and added a personal quote but so far neither have found there way on my blog. If anyone has any tips, please let me know. By nature I am a lazy person and I haven’t dedicated much time to this site other than blogging of course. When my boyfriend gave me my digital camera on Saturday, (which I love, love, love!) he told me that the warranty included a half an hour instructional course on to use camera, my first thought being it is a camera, you point and shoot how hard can it be? Well, after using it for the last 2 days, I think that I will take this course because clearly, I am not the electronic genius that I thought myself to be.

I have just woken up and I am still quite groggy. Even though it is Monday, this is really my Sunday as I worked Saturday. I passed out around 2am after watching Grey’s Anatomy on DVD. This one of my favorite things to do is fall asleep watching Grey’s. I really do love this show. It is absolutely brilliant. If I ever, met Shonda Rhymes I will buy her a drink, or lunch or both. Hats off to her for her brilliancy. I hope that the spin off show is half as good as Grey’s. I think when ABC decided to take that route that choosing Kate Walsh was a good idea. I know a lot of the cast is bitching about why it wasn’t me and blah blah, blah. I mean common, the 5 main characters are interns do you really think ABC would a spin off show on you when your primary role is to grow and learn? No. One thing that bugs me is all the drama that has followed cast members (notice how Katherine Heigl is at the bottom of the list) of Grey’s Anatomy over the course of this season. But I guess that can’t be helped if you are a part the hottest television show on TV.

I think that Sandra Oh doesn’t get nearly enough attention as other cast members. She is a brilliant actress, and I not saying this just because she is Canadian. If you want to see a funny movie where she has a supporting role and beats the crap out of her lover, you should see Sideways. This is a great satire film and I always LMAO when I watch it. If you haven’t seen it you should. Some may find it a little slow, but that’s the beauty of it. It won an Oscar in 2005 for Best Adapted Screen play and was nominated 3 or 4 more.

I have just managed to lose a whole paragraph. I am not still quite awake so I think I will start my day and continue my random thoughts another time.  

April Fools, Whose the Fool?

So what does a 20-something girl do when she goes home  for the weekend? She tries to cram as much time as she can with her crazy friends in a 24 hour period, and manages to go to a yacht party.

This weekend, or more like 24 hours have been fun filled and action packed with me trying to see as much as my friends as possible. Last night, my friend T and I and went on a harbour cruise of Vancouver for one of her friend’s friend birthday party. So therefore to me it was a friend of a friend’s friend b-day party. The birthday girls name was Amanda, I never did meet the birthday girl… I am not even sure if she existed or was a allowed on the boat for being to inebriated …

There was drinking last night, but not so much that I had a hangover. What does one do on a  yacht party aside drink? Mingle, stand in line for the bathrooms, (complete with a shower; I am raising my eyes to this one) drink, take unsucessful pictures of the city from  a top a windy boat, (I got my new camera and went snap happy) dance for a very short period of time, and for the brave; hit the hot tub. Now you would think that this would the recipe for a naughty night if you will, but the majority of these people were accountants and quite tame for west coasters. After the boat docked, I was successfully able to navigate my way around downtown Vancouver at 2am with my good friend T in search of the best pizza Granville Street has to offer. (In heals, I might add!)

I spent the night at T’s place then she was kind enough to drop me off at my father’s place where I sit now. Once back in my suburban hometown, I quickly hooked up with yet another friend Alley with no destination in mind. It soon became apparent that fast food was definitely in order and we booked it to the nearest Burger King. I do love their Jr. Whoopers with cheese.

Tonight I have managed to see 5 friends; not all at once and do Tim Horton’s and Starbucks all-in-one night. Now when you get 5 girls together on April fools day within the vincinity of a grocery store this is the recipe for crazy fun. My one friend is moving out of province in 2 days time, so saying good-bye was on my list of priorities, she is one of the craziest people I know.


Right now Alley is lifting color (bleaching) from her hair and I am “supervising” as I write this. So I am going to go “supervise”.

PS- I have the call center job doing HR Admin stuff on a contingent basis provided my references and criminal record check out. (Good thing this doesn’t include Mexico)