Where have I been??

Scott and I spontaneously decided to make a spare of the moment road trip up to Calgary to see his parents. (Who I shall refer to as in-laws even though were not married.) I am no hurry to make that drive again anytime soon. We drove straight to Calgary in one day and back in one day from Victoria. Not fun, especially when I’m 5 weeks to due date, and the baby has dropped and/or gotten bigger because my lap now has a constant companion when I sit. The trip was fun albeit brief I got to see my best friend who moved up there recently and another friend that lives there so it made the drive all the more worth it; but my back will tell you differently. I would love to tell you more, but my usually sore back is quite sated after a wonderful massage; a state in which it would love to stay for as long as possible.  


Saturday Night

It’s 10:30 on Saturday night and I am sitting at home alone. I had better get used to this. I originally started this blog out of loneliness and boredom as my man is in the navy and sailed a lot, I had just moved to be with him and knew nobody. It is almost the same now. I had one good friend who happened to be the girlfriend of of one of Scott’s friends and he got posted on the other side of the country. Bye-bye friend. My fiance will now be know as Scott. It makes things a lot easier. I sort of made became friends with a girl from work but I am not sure where that’s going. Is not that I don’t have friends they just all happen to live on the mainland where I hail from. It only happens to be a 95 min ferry ride away so I go home more often than not on the weekends (or I did) now it is becoming more annoying to travel being pregnant. Or people will come and visit me. I am trying to stay home more to plant some roots which never seems to happen. I haven’t plugged into an activity or group and I have been here 10 months. There are a lot of navy wives around here once the weather is nicer hopefully I will meet some. Their is a couple next door about our age with an infant so we will see if anything will happen with that. It seems that I just got back from being away and now they are.

As of late things on my mind are:

-Getting this place organized

– Painting the nursery

– Ordering the nursery furniture

We found out today that painting the nursery will be a lot more painful than originally thought. As we have some sort of oil based paint that is shiny we have to take sand paper to the wall to scuff it up, use an oil type primer (which apparently stinks like crap) and apply 2 coats of paint. I have never really decorated a room so it will be a fun little project. When else will I get to take sand paper to a wall?

As for baby furniture I am undecided at this point as to what I really want. I have always thought natural was the way to go, but this antique black crib is really posh… But the price isn’t. I will probably go for something more like this but I will order it from Wal-Mart where to price is about $130 cheaper than Sears for the exact same thing. They just do not have the selection that Sears does or Wal-Mart in the U.S. I am tempted to order my crib from walmart.com and pick it up across the border, but that isn’t as feasible then I will have to pay duty on top of it. The prices are so much cheaper though. I bought the baby bedding set down there and it was so much more cheaper especially with the Canadian dollar doing as well as it has.

Well I am going to get going and do something useful like organize my toiletries in the bedroom and have a hot bath as my back is aching. The joys of being pregnant. So far as a housewife, I suck.

It happened again…

Yet another Saturday morning when I woke up with a charlie horse in my right calf. WTF? This time I wasn’t able to stop it from cramping up by scrunching my toes in a tight ball it morphed into a full on charlie horse complete with pain, tears and my waking up my fiance that it hurt so bad. The only thing that got rid of it was him massaging my calf. It lasted at least 5 minutes and this time it happened at the ungodly hour of 5:30am!

You think I would learn. After a little research on Google and Wikipedia I learned that dehydration and hormonal imbalances can contribute to charlie horses and pregnant women (a hormonal imbalance in its self) are more susceptible as well. Will I ever learn? If there are 2 things I have learned so far since getting pregnant is:

-Drink lots of water

-Fibre truly is your friend


My ass is numb. That was all I could think/not feel my last hour of work from sitting in a chair most of the day.  And here I sit again to surf the internet and write this post. I am beyond a horrible blogger with infrequent posts. This is my place to express myself and why I set up this blog, yet I don’t post as much. I think of great posts at the most inopportune times, while drifting off to sleep, while walking to work, at work etc. I thought of a great one this morning and I lost it… Well here I am expressing myself.

I am very stressed out at the moment. 2 1/2 weeks ago in a 24-hour period we had some life changes take place.

-We adopted a cat from the local SPCA

-I found out my contract wasn’t being renewed at work

-We found out we were moving as a military house became available

Most of these are good except the work thing as I was counting on making X amount of $ before I went on maternity leave in March and I don’t know who wants to hire a 6 month plus pregnant women who will be going on mat leave. Seems like a waste of their time and mine. This means I will be making 45% less than I anticipated for 2 months as I will be going on EI (Employment Insurance) earlier than I had intended. This also means my claim is only good for 52 weeks (which normally starts when the baby is born) and I will be going back to work (where I don’t know) when my baby is approximately 9 months old; which means I will miss a whole bunch of milestones in that 3 month period.

Our cat is a blessing and I am so happy to have her.

Moving right before Christmas??? Well moving period is stressful enough added to this time of year (I hear the suicide rates go up this time of year; I wonder why?) which is also stressful enough itsself. Not to mention the pressure to buy and wrap presents, and make an effort for everything else that goes along with this time of year. I couldn’t be more stressed. And let’s not forget the pregnancy, the cold I have, and the less than ideal working situation I have with a not pleasant co-worker. This is not making for a fun Christmas.

I don’t blog about a lot of stuff in my life regularly; which you know if you stop by here now and then. We chose to move before Christmas as opposed to after as we both want to be settled before Christmas instead of having to move on Dec 31st/Jan 1st. We are leaving our one bedroom condo for a 3 bedroom townhouse the extra room will be nice to have after living in our current place. So don’t be surprised if I am not around much in the next week or so.

I will be creating a Flickr account as a favorite blogger of mine had pictures of children stolen and the only way in which to view them is to have an account. I don’t like idea of Flickr as it seems like a lot of work (I don’t know this for a fact, it is just an extra account to maintain) however, it is a reason to upload a bunch of scenic shots of places I have vacationed and of the beautiful place where I live British Columbia. You won’t be seeing any headshots of me, as I want to remain anonymous. I am undecided if I will post pictures of my baby once s/he is born.

Happy Weekend to all of you! I am off to a weekend of packing and Christmas shopping.  

No impressed… at all

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the maternity ward where I will most likely give birth, and I am not at all impressed in the slightest. It started Saturday night with some short but sharp abdominal pains in he bottom of my torso, which I didn’t bother to pay much attention to. I felt them again in the middle of the night and Saturday morning and my vision was distorted (I was seeing yellow transparent blobs on the wall and in my bubble bath, which I imagine a lot of people saw in the 60’s and 70’s) so I figured a trip to the walk in clinic was warranted. I wasn’t about go to the hospital for a little pain. The doctor who saw me took my blood pressure 110/70 and poked and prodded my belly, had a listen with his stethoscope not a Doppler and told me to go to the hospital straight to the maternity ward because he doesn’t do Obstetrics and doesn’t want to reassure me… pretty much he was passing the buck. So my fiance and I make the drive and I go to the reception and ask her where maternity is and I am told to go to emergency because I am not far enough along (20 weeks is the cut off) and I was 19 weeks and 3 days yesterday… At the emerg registration there are a few people before me, an old lady that look/sounded near death in a stretcher being dealt with my paramedics so I was thinking screw this is a waste of my time. I asked one nurse if I could go to maternity and she said is should as they might take me and when I get up there the charge nurse says they will not take me as I am not far enough along and to call my doctor (I have a midwife) and to go back to emergency. I am thinking she can kiss my ass. At this point I am upset because what if I was in premature labor ands because the dumb bitch denied me care I lost my baby. If she is around when I do go into labor, I will make it a point to go out of my way to not be so kind to her.

This isn’t the kind of care I expect, no empathy whatsoever, she was more matter of fact and rules are rules. it’s a bloody hospital for crying out loud. When I got back to emergency, there were 5 or 6 old people lying in stretchers waiting to be admitted. ( I live in old people capital of the province I swear to god) There was no bloody way I way I was waiting for that so I called my midwife (which I should have done in the 1st place) who happened to be at the hospital seeing another patient. We decided to meet at her office as my pains had subsided and she could evaluate me there… I never wanted to go to the hospital but the damn doctor at the walk-in clinic told me I needed a complete fetal assessment and exam… My midwife just brought out the Doppler listened to the baby’s heartbeat and told me that the pains I was having was probably a bladder infection or random pregnancy pains which are common and gave me so lab work to do… She also to my BP and listened to the baby for a little awhile… I should have just called her first. I know based on the lovely empathetic nurses at hospital (the only one with a maternity ward in this city) that that’s not where I want to give birth. My fiance suggested a home birth which is an option however, I want to be near the pain meds/epidural/laughing gas should I need them and in case a c-section is needed and I don’t feel comfortable giving birth at home my 1st time around, no matter how positive the atmosphere may be I am not comfortable with it. I will either be giving birth here or hopefully however unlikely I will go into labor in Vancouver where there is plethora of hospitals to choose from which I know quite well.

So after all this talk I have images of Peanut whose gender is still not known.


I have gotten my ultrasound results and everything is normal except Peanut’s kidneys are measuring slightly bigger than they should be so I have a another ultrasound at 33 weeks to check this out. My midwife says that this is common and not worry and most likely be fine at the next ultrasound, so I am not worrying.

It’s my Saturday and I will sleep in if I want to…

Or not, if I am woken up at 8:40am with a charlie horse in my right calf. I only get them in my calves and I have no idea why. The only thing I can do is squeeze my foot into a ball until the contraction and pain passes. If I don’t scrunch my foot I would be crying for dear life. I haven’t had one in a long time, but I seem to get them only when I am sleeping and I.don’t.know.why. So that was the start to my Saturday.

Now that I am done my antibiotics my sinus headache is back and so is the phlegm. What the hell do I have to do to kick this sinus thing? I took this weekend off for some R&R and have even opted to stay in both nights and I still feel like crap. My fiance is out again tonight, not that I mind he hardly ever goes out and I had the option to go out with him last night but choose not to. I don’t find watching people get silly drunk my idea of fun. Before I was el prego, I go out the bars with my friends and be the DD or not drink and have have a good time, but now that drinking is not an option I don’t enjoy myself. Most times if I went to a club or a bar it’s to dance, not drink. Well those days are over. I just hope when it comes around for my stagette party,  post baby I will actually be up for it…

I have approximately 26 Saturdays left until I am a mother and today I didn’t get to sleep in or go out. I need to have some fun before Peanut is born. I had better get use to staying in on the weekends so I will practice now and be condemned to night of watching Reba on CMT. For now I will leave you with some belly pics:

12 weeks:



14 weeks: Sucking it in


Not sucking it in:


All I have right now to take pics is my cell phone as my digital camera has been in repair since August. I want my camera back. I have some earlier pics that I am to lazy to format along with trying to find out the HTML coding on this thing. And here is my beautiful niece:


More Victoria Tourism at its finest


This is some crazy French Canadian or Eastern European lady that decided to set up shop on Government St. with all of her “magic cards”…  I not sure of her nationality as she would shout so loud “Come and try my cards” or something to that effect… she posed prettily for undoubtedly because she probably thought I was tourist would get some $ outta me. She posed, I snapped, I left. This is the norm for me on my lunch break and after work. I work in the heart of the tourist area and it is quite amusing.

I walked through Chinatown on my way home every day which is filled with tourists and usually someone of the Asian decent and on Friday I actually saw someone taking a picture of a fire hydrant! Not just of it, but zoomed in on the top. WTF? Of al the things you could take pics of: Darth Vader playing the violin (he is quite known from what my friends on the mainland tell me) or crazy magic lady why would anyone wanna a pic of fire hydrant? It must be the authentic Chinese fire hydrant that is only found here in Victoria, BC because as we all know that Victoria is known for it’s authentic Chinese fire hydrants along with it’s beautiful views and British like feel. …

I had the opportunity to spend the better part of the day with baby niece on Saturday. She has grown so much over the last few months I can’t believe it. And she is such a good baby too. I had her for 5 hours and not once did she cry to fed or change, I had to anticipate this. She fussed slightly but that was it! I got her portraits done for which she was fully cooperative with the photographer and I took her to 2 malls! She slept in the car and was awake and pleasant and smiling in the stroller for the most part. She is so cute, I just lover her to pieces.  I fall in love with her more every time I see her.  shaylajuly.jpg



I’m tired…

I feel as though I haven’t accomplished a lot this weekend… but I have. I am not in the mood to write a post but if I am going to commit to this blog I must write 2-3 times per week according to my rules… This weekend my boyfriend is out at sea so I have the place to myself. Normally I would head home for the weekend, but seeing as the last 4 weekends I have either been back home or away with my boyfriend I decided to stay home (my new home) for the weekend. I have been busy running around all week trying to accumulate as much baby clothes that I can for my sister. Baby Shayla is due on May 12, and my sister is in the hospital and can’t do any of this for herself. So far I have gotten: (approximately)

– 10-12 Onesies
– 10-13 Sleepers
– 1 t-shirt
– 1 pair of jeans
– 6 receiving blankets
– 1 blanket
– 2-3 outfits
– 3 jumpers
– 2 pacifers
– 1 jean dress

I am sure there is more, but I have lost count. I have managed to cram it all into a suitcase for the next time I am over there or when she calls me to tell me that she is in labor which ever comes 1st. I am worried that when she does call me to tell me that she is in labor that I won’t make it on time seeing as I have to catch a ferry that has a 95 minute crossing time and that the last one leaves at 9pm and doesn’t start running until 7am the next morning, that I will miss it all. This is her second baby so it could go quick… I just hope she goes into labor when I am not at work and not between 9pm-7am.

One of my friend’s Faisa, came over yesterday for the night and we had great night of nacho’s with home made guacamole and salsa and chocolate mint martini’s. (My own invention which are quite yummy if you like chocolate mint ice cream.)

I wish I was at pub right about now with my nearest and dearest drinking buddies. The Canucks just won 2-1 over Dallas in the 1st OT. There is nothing like playoffs when your home team is in. I am not a self proclaimed Canucks fan, and I am quite surprised that they won, because year after year they keep disappointing me and any other half hearted fan or Vancouverite that gives a damn about hockey. I am kicking myself for not going to home this weekend it is prime drinking time. Well if they manage to stick around for a round or two maybe I will make it back home to watch game at one of my local watering holes.

April Fools, Whose the Fool?

So what does a 20-something girl do when she goes home  for the weekend? She tries to cram as much time as she can with her crazy friends in a 24 hour period, and manages to go to a yacht party.

This weekend, or more like 24 hours have been fun filled and action packed with me trying to see as much as my friends as possible. Last night, my friend T and I and went on a harbour cruise of Vancouver for one of her friend’s friend birthday party. So therefore to me it was a friend of a friend’s friend b-day party. The birthday girls name was Amanda, I never did meet the birthday girl… I am not even sure if she existed or was a allowed on the boat for being to inebriated …

There was drinking last night, but not so much that I had a hangover. What does one do on a  yacht party aside drink? Mingle, stand in line for the bathrooms, (complete with a shower; I am raising my eyes to this one) drink, take unsucessful pictures of the city from  a top a windy boat, (I got my new camera and went snap happy) dance for a very short period of time, and for the brave; hit the hot tub. Now you would think that this would the recipe for a naughty night if you will, but the majority of these people were accountants and quite tame for west coasters. After the boat docked, I was successfully able to navigate my way around downtown Vancouver at 2am with my good friend T in search of the best pizza Granville Street has to offer. (In heals, I might add!)

I spent the night at T’s place then she was kind enough to drop me off at my father’s place where I sit now. Once back in my suburban hometown, I quickly hooked up with yet another friend Alley with no destination in mind. It soon became apparent that fast food was definitely in order and we booked it to the nearest Burger King. I do love their Jr. Whoopers with cheese.

Tonight I have managed to see 5 friends; not all at once and do Tim Horton’s and Starbucks all-in-one night. Now when you get 5 girls together on April fools day within the vincinity of a grocery store this is the recipe for crazy fun. My one friend is moving out of province in 2 days time, so saying good-bye was on my list of priorities, she is one of the craziest people I know.


Right now Alley is lifting color (bleaching) from her hair and I am “supervising” as I write this. So I am going to go “supervise”.

PS- I have the call center job doing HR Admin stuff on a contingent basis provided my references and criminal record check out. (Good thing this doesn’t include Mexico)

Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence?

So we are back now from our weekend getaway drag my boyfriend’s ass around Seattle while I shop till he drops for my birthday weekend. It wasn’t that painful for him (but I am sure if you ask him he will say different) … I mean we only went to 2 stores downtown, one shopping mall, and one mall on the way home which we were on for less than 20 minutes where I managed to drop $120 of my own money. That deserves some kinda medal.

This year instead of the doing the whole celebrating with family and friends for the milestone birthday (25 is I am certain if it wasn’t it sure is now) I decided to take a quiet weekend away with my boyfriend just the 2 of us. At first I wanted to go up Island then I changed my mind because shopping in Seattle is much more fun and the weather hasn’t been very spring like that we sometimes get here on the west coast. Last year my birthday sure wasn’t what I had planned. It wasn’t bad just my friends didn’t seem so enthusiastic to do what I wanted. All I did was pick and inexpensive local joint to have dinner at that serves good steak and good beer and to go to a club downtown that is a favorite of my friends and I. I would think that this is pretty typical for a 24-years-old birthday celebration. But only some people came to dinner, some didn’t order anything and some came to the club but not dinner because the drive was too far etc. etc. So this year tookt he quiet route only to find out that one of my friends out at some of my favorite spots on Friday night and went to not one, BUT TWO of my favorite hometown bars. One is a sports bar for locals, then there is Roosters my all time favorite bar. I don’t go there any more but I sure used to back in the day when I was 19 and 20. (The legal drinking age in BC is 19) One friend and I lived there 3 nights a week Wednesdays for Bullriding, Thursdays for the $1.50 pints (sadly this isn’t the case nowadays) and Sundays for beach night and of course to see Aaron Pritchett.

It has been a long time since I have been there but I used to love it there! I didn’t go to get drunk or even drink but the dance the night away with my Roosters girl Kit Kat. I give Roosters credit for even getting me into country music. I used to go there when I was underage because it was notorious for letting people in that paid off the bouncers and I knew some older guys that wouldn’t think twice about pay $20-$50 to a bouncer to get in past the line up. Roosters isn’t the same as it used to be, I don’t get excited anymore and I can’t remember my last time there but I had many good times there and now it serves as a good place to go for a girls night out. I can remember Kit Kat and I speeding down Loughheed Highway after work in my ’88 Civic trying to get there before the line up started. The summer that we turned 19 was one of the fun nest summers I can remember. After that summer, Roosters turned into more of a Wednesday night thing. I rarely missed a Wednesday and the one Wednesday that I did in February of ’03 was one night that Toby Keith showed up, not as the evenings entertainment but as a patron. I was so mad at myself. I coulda been there but I chose to spend a few extra days at my sister’s place helping her new baby.

When I look back, I am glad that I did. There is nothing that can beat the smell of a new born, or having a new baby sleep on your chest when you doze in the rocking chair, or playing with your other neices and nephews. The older I get, the more I value my time with them as they grow so fast. I don’t get to see them that often as the have always lived a minimum of a 6 hour drive away and now my sister and her husband have moved 2 hours closer to Vancouver it isn’t any closer because I have to add in a 95 minute ferry ride into drive.

I have gotten waaay off topic… so I ask is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence because this year I had a quiet birthday when last year I woulda proffered one to all the havoc that was caused by my planning (another post ) and this year my friend was partying it up at all my favorite bars? This weekend was exactly as I wanted, I just realize how much I miss my family and friends. I don’t have the luxury of having weekends off like normal people so I have my boyfriend to look forward too and that’s about it knowing that I am coming home to him after work. I don’t know when I will get to see them again. My life revolves around my work schedule, which I am looking to remedy soon; I have 2 job interviews this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me, becuase they are normal Monday to Friday jobs and pay a helluva a lot more and aren’t sales based. I hate the idea of relying on commission to make a living. Especially when it pays peanuts, and I am not allowed to earn any my 1st couple of weeks because I am “new” and do not know how to sell. Give me a break! I worked in the Customer Service department for only 3 years fixing the problems that the dealers promised and didn’t deliver; I know the products inside and out.

I certainly do know how to get off topic. Back to me Seattle weekend. I noticed this in the hotel parking garage of our hotel:


can we saw space hog?

If you can see the pictures of the cars, kudos to me, if you can’t I have work to do. In these two pictures notice the big ass Buick, he left about 2-3 feet on the left side of him so virtually no one would attempt to park on his right, BUT a tiny little Honday managed to get in there. Clearly the Honda didn’t have a passenger seeing how close to the wall he is. This was where my boyfriend and I were parked until the big ass Buick decided that make it so that no one would dare park next to him, except the tiny little Honda that can’t be much wider than a smart car. This is a little pet peave of mine. Notice the Alberta plates one the little Honda? Thats Canadians for you Eh!