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Now that the Peanut will be making his or her arrival shortly it’s time to decide on travel system. And I am not sure what to get! (Or more so my father who offered to buy the car seat and stroller for Scott and I.) I have decided on a Graco brand now I just don’t know what to get. I find the Qauttro strollers to big and bulky and they do not fold up very nicely but I would like a infant seat that fits up to 30 lbs which tend to go with the qauttros. I will be travelling a lot between here and Vancouver and mostly going on the ferry as foot passenger and a lightweight stroller would come in handy however they do not seem to have a lot of room in the baskets and the car seats that compliment them usually only go up to 22 lbs. So here is what I think I have narrowed my choices down to:

Option 1 Graco Mosaic Travel System







-Small Basket

– Car seat is only up to 22 lbs

-Not a lot of storage vs. Qauttro

Option 2: Mosaic Stroller paired with Graco Safe Seat




– Car Seat up to 30 lbs

-More use out of car seat

(For Stroller see above Option 1)


-Car seat is bulky

-Not quite sure if carseat matches stroller (What do you think??? This is a big selling point)

I have tried a Safe Seat with the Mosaic Stroller and it fits.

Option 3: Qauttro Stroller and Matching Safe Seat




-Car seat accommodates baby up to 30 lbs

-Big Basket and lots of storage on stroller


-Stroller is very bulky  takes up a lot of space

-stroller is heavy

Please leave me a comment with your thoughts and please vote on Options 1, 2 or 3! Thanks.



This article sickens me. What judge would give someone custody, let alone unsupervised visitation rights to his child after he tried to to set his own kids on fire? The audacity of some people, whoever approved visitation in the case should have should be stripped of their credentials and right to work as a judge.

Pie! It’s whats for Breakfast! … And random ramblings


Now who wouldn’t want to eat this every day for breakfast? I know I certainly do! In fact I couldn’t just have apple pie on its own, it had to be A-la-mode too. (Give me some credit it was with Light Vanilla containing a 1/3 less calories than your other leading brand of ice cream!) But then that would mean that I would have to make this wonderful creation 3X a week or more and that takes more effort than I am willing to put in. I made Scott an apple pie for Valentines Day which happens to be one of his favorites deserts but requires a lot of effort so I don’t make it that often. I don’t mind it either but I hate the prep work of pealing, coring and cutting the apples. I just couldn’t help myself to a piece for breakfast the other day.

As of today, I am 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Time is sure going by fast. The baby is between 3.75 and 4 lbs according to some websites I have read. Which is hard to believe. So far I have gained roughly 20 lbs. I am almost at the home stretch now. I am trying to eat more healthily, easier said than done considering the title of this post. I don’t want to gain a butt load of weight in the last 2 months… (I am thinking I will most likely be going over my due date considering the average woman pregnant with her 1st child will go over by 7-10 days.)

Since yesterday I have been hungry all the time! I dont’ know what it is, maybe it’s because I woke up earlier than usual and started my day earlier and had a lighter breakfast. I only had half a bowl of cereal as I ran out of Bran Flakes and a cup of yogurt. I hope the baby hasn’t dropped yet it seems like it could be a little early for this yet, would explain my increased appetite. I went shopping for a few items at Safeway, I came home with Bran Flakes, prunes, prune juice (sick, I prefer prunes) strawberries and bananas.  Needless to say I have been constipated which I am trying to cure/prevent. The joys of pregnancy! At least I haven’t gotten hemorrhoids…. yet. Now that I have written this I have surely jinxed myself and sometime in the near future a post titled “Heartburn and Hemorrhoids” will ensue. My biggest complaints and discomforts of pregnancy so far are:

-Waking up every morning congested

– the almost never ending heartburn

– the back pain

– being emotionally unstable

This is all I can think about at the moment my congested head will not allow me to think. I think I am going to go ward it off by a steaming shower and try to do something outdoors as we seem to be having a sunny day in February here on the Wet Coast.

Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

It’s time to delurk on my blog so I have a question for you all. I am sure you have all heard a few myths and old wives tales when it comes to pregnancy and I am curious as to what you have heard? Leave me a comment to share yours. Here are a few that I have heard:

 – If your carrying low it’s a girl; high it’s a boy

– If you experience heartburn your baby will come out with full head of hair

– A few people have said if you gain weight in the butt/thigh area your having a boy (news to me)

– If the heartbeat is higher it’s a girl; lower it’s a boy (anything over 140 BPM according to one website I saw it’s a girl; lower than 140 BPM it’s a boy)

– This one I think is absurd. If you can eat broccoli no problem it’s a boy (my sister’s friend told me this as I was chowing down on veggies and dip. She said I was having a boy, because if I was having a girl there would be no way I could eat broccoli like that. (I am not sure if the fact that it was raw a had anything to do with it or not… but I think it’s a very strange myth to say the least)

So what have you heard? I am curious to know…

10 weeks to go

Admittedly I am getting a little freaked out at the prospect of labor. I am not afraid of the pain, I am afraid of how I am going to handle it. I am not sure if I will be confident and cope as best as I can with my support people or be so freaked out that I will tense up through contractions and verbally abuse those around me. These feelings of anxiety towards labor creep up just after our prenatal classes. I do not feel that I am getting what I need out of them and my expectations are not being met. I do not feel that they’re unreasonably high I have just been through this before as a support person with a friend and have come to expect a similar protocol as the hospital that she had her labor delivery at. When we had our hospital tour everything was laid out on the table for pretty much every conceivable situation in the event of a c-section, forceps or vacuum assisted delivery etc. You knew where you would go for recovery and that dad or support person would go with baby in the event of the c-section. At our hospital, I have no idea where I would go for recovery. I will be sure to ask at our next class of course, but it still bugs me. We haven’t spent nearly enough time on breathing and relaxation; which I am counting on to get me through the early stages of labor.

Another thing that bothers me immensely that ever since I can remember I have always wanted to have my sister present at my birth along with Scott. She has been through it three times and is a doula and I trust her and think she would be a big help. We both figured she would come stay with me around my due date but this will probably not happen as she will be taking in my niece (we have an irresponsible sister who isn’t capable of looking after her daughter who is in foster care) right around the time I am due and going through that transition will be rough on the baby who only really knows her foster mom as her mom and the rest of the family to boot. I can’t in good faith ask my sister to leave the baby and bringing her would be cumbersome as we would need to worry about her while I am laboring away and finding someone to care for her. We do not have family where we live and my house isn’t THAT big for more family to stay… So as my birth isn’t going to be as I envisioned it and I am not 100 % comfortable with our hospital I do not feel good going into this experience. I am a pessimist, trying to be optimistic.


What is society coming to? This story about a “Teen [who] alleges she was assaulted by Victoria police” and all the media attention that it is receiving really pisses me. To sum it up some little snot nosed teenager gets drunk, gets caught being drunk in public, is thrown in the drunk tank by police and is restrained for 4 hours in a padded cell. Three years after the fact her parents decide to sue the Victoria Police Department and show little snippets of her on the news being handcuffed and her legs tethered by a piece of nylon. I have seen interviews of her crying to the new reporter how she was humilated  and her rights were violated as she was only a little 100 lb 15 year old and blah blah blah cry me a freakin’ river.

The media is turning this into a bloody sob story. No mention that she was underage, drunk in public and uncooperative. with police at one point. I am sure the VPD acted according to protocol. So a she was handcuffed for 4 hours and her legs tethered to a door. In the video released I don’t see how she was abused or mistreated. As far as I am concerned if your drunk enough to not handle yourself in public and UNDERAGE you should be thrown in the drunk tank. According to this article her parents weren’t around. What were her consequences after the fact? Why wasn’t she charged for being drunk in public or the person who got the liquor for her? As far as I am concerned all her parents want some quick money and are very greedy. This story doesn’t warrant national media attention nor to clog up the the courts system (albeit it is civil court) wasting resources for people that really need it.

The media and society is so quick to judge the police who were only doing their job, yet when there is an emergency who does society call? It isn’t a good time to be a police officer in Canada in the wake of the whole tasering incident at the Vancouver airport, who are we to condemn and judge the men and women who risk their lives for our safety for us everyday?

Wordless Wednesday


Peanut at 28 weeks and 6 days.

Long Hour

It’s going to be a long hour. I just painted my toe nails in god only knows how long and it is going to take a miracle to not smudge them. In the summer I paint them more. In the winter I don’t as nobody really gets to see them. Unless I am doing something that requires me to where opened toed shoes… And this weekend does. I have already smudged my toes 2x. And I am just siting at the computer surfing and reading blogs and uploading photos. I really do need one of those toe separator things. A pen lid just doesn’t cut it.

My toes

I have now shared with you my feet. Oh I can’t wait till I can bend down farther and do a better job. I needed the aid of box while sitting in chair to accomplish these horrible toes.

I am doing my best to kill time here. I still have to pack. I am headed to Vancouver tonight for the weekend. I will finally have a social life. One of my good friends is moving away this week so were having a farewell bash for her. This means copious amounts of drinking on their parts which means my sober pregnant ass will be taken advantage playing the role of DD. Now my only dilemma is what to wear?

I like going to the bar in a large group of friends and I like to dance. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a pregnant women going to the bar to dance and have fun. Some people automatically assume that because a pregnant women is an establishment that serves liquor late at night she must be partaking. Why can’t I dance and have fun? For the most part I don’t have the desire or energy to put the effort into getting ready but once in awhile I do. When I was first pregnant I went to a nightclub with a friend we were in a bathroom talking about my being pregnant and some drunk chick was like “Shouldn’t you be at home nurturing your baby?” To which I replied “I am not drinking, I am not smoking, Why can’t I dance and have fun?” She thought about it and said something like “True enough.” I am not doing anything wrong, if anything I am getting some much needed exercise. (Side note most nightclubs and bars in BC are smoke free and the ones I usually go to are.)

Anyways back to what should I wear? My options are limited here. I wish I had bought this really stretchy pair of skinny jeans which would’ve easily seen me through till now and would’ve looked so cute tucked into a pair boots…  I can ponder this while not smudging my toenails…

Seriously Creepy

This really makes me wonder who comes up with these ideas and who would purchase one of these? I found a reference to these things on another blog that I read I had to post about it. Sick.

Wordless Wednesday

27 weeks

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