Where have I been??

Scott and I spontaneously decided to make a spare of the moment road trip up to Calgary to see his parents. (Who I shall refer to as in-laws even though were not married.) I am no hurry to make that drive again anytime soon. We drove straight to Calgary in one day and back in one day from Victoria. Not fun, especially when I’m 5 weeks to due date, and the baby has dropped and/or gotten bigger because my lap now has a constant companion when I sit. The trip was fun albeit brief I got to see my best friend who moved up there recently and another friend that lives there so it made the drive all the more worth it; but my back will tell you differently. I would love to tell you more, but my usually sore back is quite sated after a wonderful massage; a state in which it would love to stay for as long as possible.  


Me packing…

This is me in the middle of packing for Portland. I am off to meet my boyfriend in Portland on Friday and I am leaving tomorrow night after work. In the midst of me packing I have decided to randomly write a post. I don’t feel bad for my delinquency seeing that I don’t have an audience (yet…) If there are any silent readers out there, please send a comment my way it is good for my ego and will certainly inspire more posts.

I have been very busy for the last 6 weekends or so it seems I go to Vancouver every Friday after work to see my friend’s and family and of course the newest addition to my family. My niece! She is 5 weeks old and already 8 1/2 lbs and she is sure getting chubby. (My boyfriend has been sailing a lot so going home on weekends passes my time)

3 Weeks:

Shalya5 weeks: Cute baby!5 weeks:Right in your face!Back to 3 weeks. 3 weeksBack to the packing. I always over pack and I try not to, I really do! But it never works that way. A trip back to Vancouver only warrants one Lululemon bag thrown over my shoulder as I will not lug around a suitcase on the ferry. But a trip to Portland warrants a little carry on and a Lululemon bag. Oh and whatever I decide to throw in the car. So far I have packed 5 shirts or so, white capris cargos, 2 pairs of jeans,  a jean skirt and some gym clothes (in the unlikely event I decide to exercise! Ha! It has been weeks since I went to the gym…) Puma running shoes, heals, and a bathing suit (in the unlikely event I go swimming, don’t think that’s going to happen seeing as the weather will probably prevent this from happening) and my skivvies. Tomorrow I will do my make-up, toiletries, hair products whatever else I use as part of my morning routine. I am sure that I can get away with one bag; seeing as I will probably only where the one pair of jeans, capris pants and a tank top or 2… I am only going for 3 nights. My packing is just as organized as my posts. I pack a little, go to PC to email boyfriend seeing if I need to bring anything dressy, pack some more take laundry out of dryer fold what I want packed, put wet laundry in dryer… it is going to be a long night!

Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence?

So we are back now from our weekend getaway drag my boyfriend’s ass around Seattle while I shop till he drops for my birthday weekend. It wasn’t that painful for him (but I am sure if you ask him he will say different) … I mean we only went to 2 stores downtown, one shopping mall, and one mall on the way home which we were on for less than 20 minutes where I managed to drop $120 of my own money. That deserves some kinda medal.

This year instead of the doing the whole celebrating with family and friends for the milestone birthday (25 is I am certain if it wasn’t it sure is now) I decided to take a quiet weekend away with my boyfriend just the 2 of us. At first I wanted to go up Island then I changed my mind because shopping in Seattle is much more fun and the weather hasn’t been very spring like that we sometimes get here on the west coast. Last year my birthday sure wasn’t what I had planned. It wasn’t bad just my friends didn’t seem so enthusiastic to do what I wanted. All I did was pick and inexpensive local joint to have dinner at that serves good steak and good beer and to go to a club downtown that is a favorite of my friends and I. I would think that this is pretty typical for a 24-years-old birthday celebration. But only some people came to dinner, some didn’t order anything and some came to the club but not dinner because the drive was too far etc. etc. So this year tookt he quiet route only to find out that one of my friends out at some of my favorite spots on Friday night and went to not one, BUT TWO of my favorite hometown bars. One is a sports bar for locals, then there is Roosters my all time favorite bar. I don’t go there any more but I sure used to back in the day when I was 19 and 20. (The legal drinking age in BC is 19) One friend and I lived there 3 nights a week Wednesdays for Bullriding, Thursdays for the $1.50 pints (sadly this isn’t the case nowadays) and Sundays for beach night and of course to see Aaron Pritchett.

It has been a long time since I have been there but I used to love it there! I didn’t go to get drunk or even drink but the dance the night away with my Roosters girl Kit Kat. I give Roosters credit for even getting me into country music. I used to go there when I was underage because it was notorious for letting people in that paid off the bouncers and I knew some older guys that wouldn’t think twice about pay $20-$50 to a bouncer to get in past the line up. Roosters isn’t the same as it used to be, I don’t get excited anymore and I can’t remember my last time there but I had many good times there and now it serves as a good place to go for a girls night out. I can remember Kit Kat and I speeding down Loughheed Highway after work in my ’88 Civic trying to get there before the line up started. The summer that we turned 19 was one of the fun nest summers I can remember. After that summer, Roosters turned into more of a Wednesday night thing. I rarely missed a Wednesday and the one Wednesday that I did in February of ’03 was one night that Toby Keith showed up, not as the evenings entertainment but as a patron. I was so mad at myself. I coulda been there but I chose to spend a few extra days at my sister’s place helping her new baby.

When I look back, I am glad that I did. There is nothing that can beat the smell of a new born, or having a new baby sleep on your chest when you doze in the rocking chair, or playing with your other neices and nephews. The older I get, the more I value my time with them as they grow so fast. I don’t get to see them that often as the have always lived a minimum of a 6 hour drive away and now my sister and her husband have moved 2 hours closer to Vancouver it isn’t any closer because I have to add in a 95 minute ferry ride into drive.

I have gotten waaay off topic… so I ask is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence because this year I had a quiet birthday when last year I woulda proffered one to all the havoc that was caused by my planning (another post ) and this year my friend was partying it up at all my favorite bars? This weekend was exactly as I wanted, I just realize how much I miss my family and friends. I don’t have the luxury of having weekends off like normal people so I have my boyfriend to look forward too and that’s about it knowing that I am coming home to him after work. I don’t know when I will get to see them again. My life revolves around my work schedule, which I am looking to remedy soon; I have 2 job interviews this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me, becuase they are normal Monday to Friday jobs and pay a helluva a lot more and aren’t sales based. I hate the idea of relying on commission to make a living. Especially when it pays peanuts, and I am not allowed to earn any my 1st couple of weeks because I am “new” and do not know how to sell. Give me a break! I worked in the Customer Service department for only 3 years fixing the problems that the dealers promised and didn’t deliver; I know the products inside and out.

I certainly do know how to get off topic. Back to me Seattle weekend. I noticed this in the hotel parking garage of our hotel:


can we saw space hog?

If you can see the pictures of the cars, kudos to me, if you can’t I have work to do. In these two pictures notice the big ass Buick, he left about 2-3 feet on the left side of him so virtually no one would attempt to park on his right, BUT a tiny little Honday managed to get in there. Clearly the Honda didn’t have a passenger seeing how close to the wall he is. This was where my boyfriend and I were parked until the big ass Buick decided that make it so that no one would dare park next to him, except the tiny little Honda that can’t be much wider than a smart car. This is a little pet peave of mine. Notice the Alberta plates one the little Honda? Thats Canadians for you Eh!