No end in sight

So far there is no end in sight to my sinus infection. Which I think is a little more than a sinus infection considering the amount of pain I am in! I had to come from work early yesterday; there was no way in hell I was going to work today. I spent most of the day in bed. My sinuses throb constantly. It feels like some took a hammer and hit me in the sinuses, and when there is some relief, that someone goes and hits me again. The only thing I can take is Tylenol which only offers some relief. I steam, I am steam all the time, I have a humidifier in the bedroom, I irrigate with a saline solution AND I have tried compresses. They only make it worse and make me feel nauseated. I have seen things come out of my nose that nobody should have to see! I am not trying to complain, I know in the end it will all be worth it when I have my baby in my arms but 6 months is a long time off. On a happier note, Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight and I can’t freakin wait. Last year I got to see it a few hours earlier as my friends had satellite TV and we could see it in Eastern Standard Time. Oh how I miss out Grey’s Anatomy parties. That’s the best way to watch a show is with a bunch of friends. Party for one tonight (2 if you count little peanut!) I did watch Private Practice last night, it was okay hard to say whether it will flop or not. Well I am out here. Pray for relief for me please! 



Seriously, Seriously, Seriously?! I can’t believe this is for real!

Another Post

It’s probably time for another update. I can’t believe March will here tomorrow! And I can’t believe that I have only 6 short weeks to go until my due date! Where has the time gone?? I think I have most everything I need for this baby. There are a few things I still would like:

-a  used bassinet as the baby won’t be in it all that long (if worse comes to worse I’ll just use the Pak ‘N Play)

– More crib sheets [as cheap Circo ones I bought at Target do not fit the crib mattress, (which is a standard size crib mattress) I have come to love Target especially since we don’t have them in Canada, but I am not so sure on this Circo brand]

– accessories for the nursery

– more diapers

– breast pump

– bottles (not sure what kind to go with so far I am doing glass as all the stories I am hearing about chemicals leaking into the milk)

– more receiving blankets

I am sure there is more but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

There is an Alan Jackson concert I want to go to on May 2 in Vancouver but I don’t know how feasible it is seeing that I will have a baby that will be between a week and month old, how sleep deprived I will and how I feel about leaving it that young. It wouldn’t be a big deal to leave it with my dad for a few hours but I don’t know… probably will not happen. 

Well I must start some daily tasks and like any true Canadian I am thankful to have some Tim Horton’s in me to perk me up. Thank God Roll up the rim is back! I am already 1 for 2.

Pie! It’s whats for Breakfast! … And random ramblings


Now who wouldn’t want to eat this every day for breakfast? I know I certainly do! In fact I couldn’t just have apple pie on its own, it had to be A-la-mode too. (Give me some credit it was with Light Vanilla containing a 1/3 less calories than your other leading brand of ice cream!) But then that would mean that I would have to make this wonderful creation 3X a week or more and that takes more effort than I am willing to put in. I made Scott an apple pie for Valentines Day which happens to be one of his favorites deserts but requires a lot of effort so I don’t make it that often. I don’t mind it either but I hate the prep work of pealing, coring and cutting the apples. I just couldn’t help myself to a piece for breakfast the other day.

As of today, I am 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Time is sure going by fast. The baby is between 3.75 and 4 lbs according to some websites I have read. Which is hard to believe. So far I have gained roughly 20 lbs. I am almost at the home stretch now. I am trying to eat more healthily, easier said than done considering the title of this post. I don’t want to gain a butt load of weight in the last 2 months… (I am thinking I will most likely be going over my due date considering the average woman pregnant with her 1st child will go over by 7-10 days.)

Since yesterday I have been hungry all the time! I dont’ know what it is, maybe it’s because I woke up earlier than usual and started my day earlier and had a lighter breakfast. I only had half a bowl of cereal as I ran out of Bran Flakes and a cup of yogurt. I hope the baby hasn’t dropped yet it seems like it could be a little early for this yet, would explain my increased appetite. I went shopping for a few items at Safeway, I came home with Bran Flakes, prunes, prune juice (sick, I prefer prunes) strawberries and bananas.  Needless to say I have been constipated which I am trying to cure/prevent. The joys of pregnancy! At least I haven’t gotten hemorrhoids…. yet. Now that I have written this I have surely jinxed myself and sometime in the near future a post titled “Heartburn and Hemorrhoids” will ensue. My biggest complaints and discomforts of pregnancy so far are:

-Waking up every morning congested

– the almost never ending heartburn

– the back pain

– being emotionally unstable

This is all I can think about at the moment my congested head will not allow me to think. I think I am going to go ward it off by a steaming shower and try to do something outdoors as we seem to be having a sunny day in February here on the Wet Coast.

Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

It’s time to delurk on my blog so I have a question for you all. I am sure you have all heard a few myths and old wives tales when it comes to pregnancy and I am curious as to what you have heard? Leave me a comment to share yours. Here are a few that I have heard:

 – If your carrying low it’s a girl; high it’s a boy

– If you experience heartburn your baby will come out with full head of hair

– A few people have said if you gain weight in the butt/thigh area your having a boy (news to me)

– If the heartbeat is higher it’s a girl; lower it’s a boy (anything over 140 BPM according to one website I saw it’s a girl; lower than 140 BPM it’s a boy)

– This one I think is absurd. If you can eat broccoli no problem it’s a boy (my sister’s friend told me this as I was chowing down on veggies and dip. She said I was having a boy, because if I was having a girl there would be no way I could eat broccoli like that. (I am not sure if the fact that it was raw a had anything to do with it or not… but I think it’s a very strange myth to say the least)

So what have you heard? I am curious to know…

Seriously Creepy

This really makes me wonder who comes up with these ideas and who would purchase one of these? I found a reference to these things on another blog that I read I had to post about it. Sick.

I am a bad blogger. I didn’t manage to keep up with NaBloPoMo not even write weekly at one point. My excuse? I am lazy. I shouldn’t be, seeing as nothing disappoints me more when I go to my favorite blogs to see that they haven’t been updated for awhile. I am amazed at the some of the posts that these women manage to to write. Impressive. I just write about the usual daily stuff that comes to mind.

Lets take today for example. So far I have managed to to get up with a cold induced headache, attempt to make myself go to work, give the cat a scratch behind the ears and walk in cat puke. After cleaning that up I didn’t think going to work was such a good idea. Had I not gotten out of bed and just gone right back to sleep, I would’ve had a nice deep sleep that I was awoken from by the alarm. But then the cat puke still would’ve welcomed me me when I ventured out of the bedroom. (My fiance being long gone to work by now) So I cleaned up cat puke, noted that maybe we had fed her too many treats last night had a glass of juice and went back to bed. Bad idea. I start to feel nauseous my self, not just the cat. I figured it was my sinuses so I decided to go into the steaming bathroom to steam out my sinuses. Nope not that, I myself got sick. This is the 1st time I have thrown up since I have been pregnant. Realizing by the lack of substance aside from orange juice that I must have gotten sick because I had an empty stomach and I had not eaten dinner at all last night. I went to the doctor’s after getting home and proceeded to snack here and there, bad idea. So I toasted an English muffin with nothing on it, had a few bites of a banana and some water watched a little of Regis and Kelly and went back to bed. I haven’t been able to get back to sleep. Which I know is pissing the cat off. Everytime I get up out of bed or adjust the bed she gives me this look that says “Piss off, I need my beauty sleep.”

I must say I love having the cat a around. She is a little princess and is tiny to boot. She is only 7.3 lbs. She hardly eats. But she does love her treats. I can’t go into the kitchen without her running in and meowing her pretty little head off. Last night I was getting myself a Benadryl ( I have been told by the pharmacist this is safe to take during pregnancy) and I dropped it on the floor because I was laughing so hard while trying to get it out of it’s child/adult proof packaging and the stupid cat would’ve eaten the thing had I not stopped her. Because of this, I gave her more treats. (I know what your thinking, what kind of mother will I be if I can’t say even no to my cat) I will not indulge her anymore, as she will probably be sick and I will be the one cleaning it up.

Well today’s post has proven to be about nothing and my cat. I think I will go clean the bathroom now. We are moving one week from today. And I can’t stand to let the bathroom go yet another day even though it will have to cleaned when we vacate our apartment. I am not to thrilled to be moving right before Christmas; however I would rather be in the new place before Christmas than after.

Heartburn and headaches…

Written Friday Nov 2nd 2007 9:49pm PST NaBloPoMo Round 2

Is what pregnancy can pretty much be summed up to at this point. When I eat, I get heartburn, when I drink I get heartburn, when I sleep I get heartburn. Enough said. As for the headaches they are sinus related, so far and I suffer. These sinus headaches due to the pressure are usually accompanied by nausea and isn’t anything I am not used to but it wasn’t anything my little brown pill friend Advil Cold & Sinus couldn’t take care. Ah the joys of being pregnant. To add to my discomfort the lower back pain is starting in…

WordPress is PISSING me off

****I have tried to write a nice clean post in a list format but for whatever reason unknown to me wordpress is lumping my post into one huge ass paragraph, I have deleted and reposted and the same if anyone can shed some light, please do***It must have been when I bumped my head when I was getting into the car from grocery shopping. I actually want to blog and I think about blogging and think about posts. It must be the bump on my head or the fact that it’s delurk day… it remains to be seen how long I keep this up for. I will probably not be posting over the Thanksgiving long weekend coming up as my boyfriend and I are flying up to his parents for the holiday. Joy! I never saw myself knowingly flying while pregnant. I did fly before I found out and I have a fear of flying while pregnant even though both my doctor and midwife assured me it’s fine and I am only 13 weeks. This fear stems from a book of my mom’s that I read I think it was called Born to Soon and it’s biography this woman who was roughly 5 1/2 months pregnant who went into labor while flying and the end result after giving to her daughter, who had quite the fight for life in the NICU, was the baby passed away.  I do not fear preterm labor. I was born 2 months early and my little brother was born at about 25 1/2 weeks gestation in 1985 and he survived and is as healthy as a horse and in fact he turns 22 today which reminds me, I’d better call him. He was in the NICU for months and his chances for survival were grave, but because of this I have faith in God and medical technology. I just fear that flying will put me at risk. Here are some other random things that may or may not have come up on here. I love country musicI like to cook but I hate to bake but I can turn out a good pastry if I put in a little effortI am a good cook/baker (if I choose to) and not at all afraid to toot my own horn aboutI love caesar saladsI love juice in any form be it frozen, liquid or slushed. (Do not tell my midwife this as she wants me to watch my sugar intake)I am CanadianMy favorite Starbucks drink is a White Chocolate Mocha since I am pregnant this has changed to a Sugar Free Caramel Non-Fat LatteI like to post random pics I take on way home from work but my camera has been in the repair shop since who knows when. I love Grey’s Anatomy; I have been hooked ever since I saw my first episode Blues for Sister Someone. I am trying to give Private Practice chance seeing as Kate Walsh was a big reason I was hooked onto Grey’s…I am lazyI have no clue as to how to change up the HTML coding or whatever to make my columnI am a pessimist who tries to remain optimistic That’s all what I have for now. I am off to make a spinach dip for a work thing tomorrow before Private Practice starts.    


 So I checked my blog out this morning and I was in the low 390’s for hits, I come back 8 hours later and I am at 411.  

It is the great Mofo delurk day! I have delurked at some of my favorite. This is the most action that my blog has seen in one day since maybe its creation. So do a girl a favor! I your reading and haven’t delurked before please do! I am willing to beg if I have to.  I am also willing to admit I am negligent in posting, and I could’ve posted a few days sooner but lets face it I am lazy.   


My latest issue is maternity related. Stretch marks and maternity clothes. I will post a question and you can leave me an answer.

What did you use to avoid stretch marks? And when did you start to use it?

I have some ideas out there and I am almost 100 % committed to buying a product but I will see if you my readers have anything to say about it. I am just not sure when to start using it.

Some happy news, a fellow blogger Helen that I have been reading for quite some time had twins today. Here babies are just gorgeous. Congradulations Helen! Her blog is very witty and well written. Go have a look at her new babies and have a good read/laugh.

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